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BIG NEWS! Boys Club is throwing our first-ever conference called /brandnew. Learn more and buy tickets here. Limited tickets available. This week Deana and Natasha talk to a16zcrypto Managing Partner Chris Dixon about Read, Write, Own: Building the Next Era of the Internet.  Subscribe to the Boys Club newsletter here! 

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Brian McCullough & Chris Dixon 03 Feb 2024 • EN

(Bonus) a16z's Chris Dixon On His New Book And Web3

Our friend Chris Dixon is back to talk about his new book: Read Write Own! How Web3 and the blockchain can save the web as we know it! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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Robert Hackett & Chris Dixon 02 Feb 2024 • EN

Read Write Own: A New Era

with @cdixon @rhhackett Welcome to the web3 with a16z crypto podcast. I'm Robert Hackett, an editor here at a16z crypto, and I'm here with Chris Dixon, founding partner of a16z crypto and author of the new book Read Write Own: Building the Next Era of the Internet.  I had the privilege of editing Chris throughout the b

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The well-known venture capitalist has published a book, Read Write Own, about how the concentration of power into the hands of a few Internet behemoths is bad for entrepreneurs and society at large.  Sign up for our free newsletter here! Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Fountain, Overcast, Podcast Addi

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Chris Dixon is the perfect example of how learning in public can catapult you to success. Come learn how he went from writer to owner, and how you can, too. SPEAKER LINKS: Website: Twitter: Blog: Book:

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Gary Vaynerchuk & Chris Dixon 30 Jan 2024 • EN

Building the Next Era of the Internet | Chris Dixon

The internet was a very different place 20 years ago. Even Email was a service that not everyone was utilizing. In today's episode of the podcast, I am joined by Chris Dixon to talk about his new book "Read Write Own". I had a lot of fun talking with Chris and I hope you all enjoy our conversation! THINGS WE TALKED ABO

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