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Tiffani Bova & Jerry Colonna 27 Jun 2024 • EN

Balancing Performance and People with Jerry Colonna

Welcome to the What's Next! Podcast with Tiffani Bova.  This week, I have the honor of welcoming back for the second time, Jerry Colonna to the show. He is a leading executive coach who uses the skills he learned as a venture capitalist to help entrepreneurs. He is co-founder and CEO of, the executive coachin

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The latest episode of This Much I Know is an in-depth exploration of leadership, personal growth, and the transformative power of understanding one's own history and motivations. Carlos's guest, Jerry Colonna, Co-founder and CEO of Reboot, shares his journey from being a venture capitalist to becoming an executive coac

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Dave Asprey & Jerry Colonna 07 May 2024 • EN

Becoming Buddha: How to Be Happy – Jerry Colonna

On today's episode, Jerry Colonna shares his transformative journey from a high-powered venture capitalist to a Buddhist coach. You'll learn about the profound impact of “radical self-inquiry" on leadership and life, illustrating how deep personal development can reshape personal and professional relationships. You'll

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“True transformation, begins with a broken heart.” It’s something you’ll hear our guest today say a couple of times, this idea that a real crucible moment begins when something inside you breaks. When a force fundamental to you and your soul says – no more. Jerry Colonna has taken that message and run with it throughou

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Humans are greatly divided because of our differences. We got to step back a moment and start the journey of reunification to build the systems of belonging. Joining Tony today is Jerry Colonna, the author of Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up and the CEO and co-founder of the Executive coaching firm Reboot.i

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Robert Glazer & Jerry Colonna 16 Jan 2024 • EN

Jerry Colonna On Rebooting Your Life And Leadership

Jerry Colonna is the CEO and co-founder of the executive coaching firm A highly sought-after coach and speaker, Jerry was previously a partner with JP Morgan and co-founded Flatiron Venture Partners with Fred Wilson. Jerry is also the NYT bestselling author of multiple books, including Reboot and Reunion whi

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