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Send us a Text Message. The podcast you are going to hear today is with Sharon Salzberg. She has been a true pioneer in the realms of meditation and mindfulness for more than four decades now. Sharon"s influence has been pivotal in bringing these practices to the forefront of Western consciousness as far back as the ea

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Sharon Salzberg 09 Nov 2023 • EN

Where is My Mindfulness?

Sharon Salzberg, a legend in the world of meditation and mindfulness, joins Bradley to discuss finding connection and kindness in distressing times — and why even she has difficulty tearing herself away from doomscrolling. This episode was taped at P&T Knitwear at 180 Orchard Street — New York City’s only free podcast

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🎙️ In today's new Radical Responsibility Podcast episode! 🌟 Join Dr. @FleetMaull as he speaks with Sharon Salzberg exploring the intersection of neuroscience and contemplative practices. 🎧 Learn the neuroscience behind mindfulness and its synergy with ancient meditation teachings. 💡 Discover the transformative powe

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One of the most prominent western meditation teachers talks about how to take gauzy concepts and operationalize them in your actual life. A towering figure in the meditation world, Sharon Salzberg is a prominent teacher & New York Times best-selling author. She has played a crucial role bringing mindfulness and lovingk

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Mayim Bialik & Sharon Salzberg 05 Sep 2023 • EN

Sharon Salzberg: Treat Your Anger with Lovingkindness

Sharon Salzberg (meditation pioneer, NYT bestselling author) breaks down what successful meditation looks like, how to extend lovingkindness to ourselves in the social media age, and what it really means to have compassion for our enemies while standing firm in our fight for others. She opens up about how her traumatic

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Sharon Salzberg 04 Sep 2023 • EN

Sharon Salzberg: Finding Your Way Back To Joy

Would you like to bring more moments of stillness into your life? Joining Sarah Grynberg for a second time is world-renowned Buddhist teacher and meditation pioneer Sharon Salzberg. Sharon was one of the first people to introduce mindfulness and Loving-Kindness meditation to America in the late-1970s, and is the New Yo

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