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Eric Zimmer & Judson Brewer 27 Dec 2022 • EN

How to Work with the Craving Mind with Dr. Jud Brewer

Key Concepts: The roles of rewards and punishments and the importance of understanding how the habit loop cycle works in adjusting behavior. Understanding cravings and addictions and strategies that can be used to work through our habitual behavior patterns. How bringing awareness and curiosity is a crucial component i

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Dan Harris & Judson Brewer 05 Dec 2022 • EN

Your Anxiety Questions, Answered | Judson Brewer

The subject of anxiety never seems to lose its relevance. In this special episode we answer listener voicemails with one of the world’s leading experts on anxiety.  Dr. Jud Brewer is the Chief Medical Officer at Sharecare and the Director of Research and Innovation at Brown University’s Mindfulness Center. He is also t

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Dr. Judson Brewer (“Dr. Jud”) is a thought leader in the field of habit change and the “science of self-mastery,” who blends over 20 years of experience with mindfulness training and a career in scientific research. He is also the New York Times best-selling author of Unwinding Anxiety: New Science Shows How to Break t

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What if I told you that anxiety and worry were emotional, behavioral habits that you can end through a simple three-step process. Jud Brewer. AKA Dr. Jud is a New York Times bestselling author and thought leader in the field of habit change and the science of self-mastery who blends over 20 years of experience with min

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Jan Black + Laura Owens & Judson Brewer 17 May 2022 • EN

Dr. Judson Brewer: ...how to break the anxiety cycle

Do you suffer from anxiety?  Do you have some bad habits?  Did you know there’s a link between your anxiety and bad habits?  Our guest on this episode, neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Judson Brewer says anxiety hides in bad habits. You may have seen Dr. Brewer on 60 Minutes or the Today Show, or you may have viewed hi

28 min
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Jonathan Fields & Judson Brewer 07 Apr 2022 • EN

Dr. Jud Brewer | How to Unwind Anxiety

Anxiety, even saying the word makes me a bit anxious. But, what if there was a way to unwind it and come back to calm that was counterintuitively simple. And, what if a lot of the popular thoughts around anxiety and how to deal with it today were wrong? That’s what we’re talking about today with my guest, Dr. Jud Brewe

61 min
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