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Dr. Amishi Jha joins Joe to discuss her book, Peak Mind: Find Your Focus, Own Your Attention, Invest 12 Minutes a Day . Amishi sheds light on the complexities of the brain"s attention system to help us understand how we can navigate and enhance our focus in stressful and demanding jobs. In this episode Joe and Amishi d

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Dan Harris & Amishi Jha 25 Dec 2023 • EN

The Science of Training Your Attention | Dr. Amishi Jha

How to stay focused, fight distraction, and function at your peak. Dr. Amishi Jha is a professor of psychology at the University of Miami. She serves as the Director of Contemplative Neuroscience for the Mindfulness Research and Practice Initiative, which she co-founded in 2010. Dr Jha is the author of the national bes

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Dave Asprey & Amishi Jha 24 May 2022 • EN

How Focus and Attention Powers Your Mind – Amishi Jha, Ph.D.

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Jim Kwik & Amishi Jha 02 May 2022 • EN

278: Discover Your Focus in 12 Minutes with Dr. Amishi Jha

How do you train your attention and stop your mind from wandering in only twelve minutes a day? Maintaining your attention and focus in a world filled with distractions can be very difficult. The constant disruption of notifications can start to feel like you don’t have ownership over your own mind. But solutions like

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Today we’re getting into focus and attention, which I feel like we don’t talk enough about—being able to focus on the RIGHT things is critical to basically every component of our lives. My guest today is Dr. Amishi Jha, a neuroscientist and professor of psychology at the University of Miami. Dr. Jha’s work has been fea

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