Meaningful Conversations with Maria Shriver

Updated: 10 Jun 2019 • 22 episodes

Building on the success of her instant No. 1 NY Times-bestselling book I’ve Been Thinking…Reflections, Prayers and Meditations for a Meaningful Life, Maria Shriver continues to explore the life topics, issues and ideas that we’re all thinking about. Through intimate, thought-provoking conversations with friends and other individuals she respects and admires, Maria dives into issues like love, pain, forgiveness, gratitude, family, faith, connection, loneliness, the art of self-reinvention, and more to inspire you to reflect on your own life and have more meaningful conversations with the people you love.

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Maria Shriver & Martha Beck 10 Jun 2019 • EN

How to Seek Joy with Martha Beck

"If I can experience joy, then isn't joy its own excuse for being, isn't that enough of a reason to be alive? And everything I read or heard about people with down syndrome, was that they could experience tremendous amounts of joy. So I chose to keep Adam, but more importantly, I radically shifted the definition of suc

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Maria Shriver & Dave Asprey 03 Jun 2019 • EN

Dave Asprey on How to Biohack Your Life!

"Biohacking didn't have a definition, that wasn't a word...I created this conference with thousands of people and there's now millions of people will say, "I'm a biohacker. I want control of my own biology." It's now in the dictionary. But that community was partly something that I built because I wanted to be around p

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"The minute you can kind of say, wow, the widow, orphan stranger, the folks at the margins, these are my trustworthy guides, I'm going to go there so they can lead me to the kinship. Oh God. Well that's, you've just turned privilege on its head because you're not guiding them or leading them. They're doing that to you.

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Maria Shriver & Sharon Salzberg 20 May 2019 • EN

How to Transform Suffering into Connection with Sharon Salzberg

"My meaning in life has been changing suffering, into connection...Whatever we go through as human beings, realizing we're not alone and helping other people realize they're not alone." ​ -Sharon Salzberg​ Sharon Salzberg is someone I have admired for quite some time. She is one of America’s preeminent voices on medita

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"There's this fire sometimes inside you that you have to grab down deep. And it is literally like talking to yourself...Like, 'pull yourself off the floor....what am I going to do proactively today to move forward, to progress forward?' And if I get turned away again at another bank...I'm just going to go to another on

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Maria Shriver & Marisa Peer 06 May 2019 • EN

How to Gain Self-Love & Create a Better Reality with Marisa Peer

"If you want love, change one thing, how much you believe you're worth. Then, you will find love." -Marisa Peer I am enough. Three simple words that we don’t tell are selves nearly as often as we should. Bestselling author and therapist Marisa Peer is determined to help us change that. She says if we turn the mirror on

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