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Peter McCormack & Mark Moss 03 Nov 2023 • EN

The Fight for Bitcoin Against CBDCs with Mark Moss

“I think this is the goal that they’re going to... so control your movement, but then really control your money, because at the end of the day without the freedom to transact, there’s no freedom.” — Mark Moss Mark Moss is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and host of The Mark Moss Show. In this interview, we discu

97 min
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Peter McCormack & Lyn Alden 21 Oct 2023 • EN

Are Central Banks Losing Control? With Lyn Alden & Natalie Smolenski

“Those that don’t want issues focused on the money divide people to focus on other things…they don’t really care about any of these views, what they’re trying to do is sew chaos.” — Lyn Alden Lyn Alden is a macroeconomist and investment strategist, and Natalie Smolenski founded and leads the Texas Bitcoin Foundation. I

65 min
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Peter McCormack & Preston Pysh 13 Oct 2023 • EN

The Debt Spiral with Preston Pysh & James Lavish

“It’s not just some random Bitcoiner and some guy from Cincinnati talking about this debt spiral anymore, it’s everybody on Wall Street, it’s very credible people…the math isn’t working anymore and this is looking like we’re crossing the event horizon and there’s no return.” — Preston Pysh Preston Pysh is a co-founder

69 min
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Peter McCormack & Peter St. Onge 29 Sep 2023 • EN

The Free Market for Money with Peter St Onge

“The value proposition of Bitcoin, how it can change the world, it’s to a certain degree abstract… when you actually spend time in these countries where currency collapse is a reality, it opens your eyes as a Bitcoiner.” — Peter St Onge Peter St Onge is an Economist at the Heritage Foundation and a Fellow at the Mises

70 min
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Peter McCormack & Nik Bhatia 22 Sep 2023 • EN

The Breaking of the Global Economy with Nik Bhatia

“You can imagine a world in which people actually have more power than institutions and governments…Bitcoin has the ultimate power in making the world a better place for people.” — Nik Bhatia Nik Bhatia is the founder of ‘The Bitcoin Layer’ & author of ‘Layered Money’. This interview delves into Nik's work in the Bitco

78 min
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Few experiences are as devastating as discovering that your wife has cheated on you, especially with your BEST FRIEND. When Peter McCormack went through this heartbreak, he spiralled into a deep abyss of despair, and caught in its throes, he turned to substance abuse, leading to a dangerous addiction. However, Peter re

82 min
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