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Peter McCormack & Whitney Webb + Mark Goodwin 17 Jul 2024 • EN

The Bitcoin US Dollar Hegemony with Whitney Webb & Mark Goodwin

“Bitcoin is essential to the plans of a lot of these people, but there is still time to build tools on Bitcoin or utilise Bitcoin to neuter a lot of the plans that they have.” — Whitney Webb Whitney Webb is an independent investigative journalist and founder of Unlimited Hangout & Mark Goodwin is the author of The Bitc

89 min
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Peter McCormack & Whitney Webb + Mark Goodwin 15 Jul 2024 • EN

Whitney Webb & Mark Goodwin on How Intelligence Agencies Capture Everything

“These people have been very serious and played very dirty, and created insane instability just to keep the dollar the global reserve currency because it gives a lot of advantages just to the US…they intend to keep those advantages even if it means a different system.” — Whitney Webb Whitney Webb is an independent inve

82 min
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Peter McCormack & Michael Malice 24 Jun 2024 • EN

The Dysfunctional State with Michael Malice

“It’s inherent in the democratic process, people are going to vote for more stuff for themselves and someone else is going to be paying for it. And the thing is when you have deficit finance spending you can just run that credit card until it’s too late, this is one of the benefits of Bitcoin obviously, as opposed to f

92 min
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Peter McCormack & Derrick Broze 07 Jun 2024 • EN

The Technocratic State with Derrick Broze

“This is the way these tools are going to be sold to us, convenience, entertainment, and, we have to decide as individuals, families, communities, etc., where is the line for us?” — Derrick Broze Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist, author, documentary filmmaker, and activist. In this interview, we discuss Tru

93 min
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Anthony Pompliano & Peter McCormack 30 May 2024 • EN

#1367 Peter McCormack | This Football Team Is All-In On Bitcoin

Peter McCormack is the Chairman of Real Bedford, and the host of “What Bitcoin Did” podcast. In this conversation, we talk Peter buying Real Bedford men’s team and plugging it into the bitcoin network, his plan to make the Premier League, raising capital, sponsors, merchandise, treasury management, bitcoin market cycle

47 min
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Peter McCormack & Alex Thorn 13 Jan 2024 • EN

The Arrival of Bitcoin ETFs with James Seyffart & Alex Thorn

“You’re in the game now, this thing isn’t valuable if it’s not able to be used in a self-custodied manner, that’s the innovation, that’s the core innovation...we and the issuers got to take the story of Bitcoin’s true value out, that’s how they’re going to do it, that’s how they’re marketing it…we got to tell that stor

77 min
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