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Peter McCormack & Dan Held 15 Mar 2023 • EN

Beginners Guide Part 3/3 - How to Buy & Hold Bitcoin with Dan Held

“With Bitcoin, we’re finally free. We’re finally free with our money to do whatever we’d like with it…so if a government becomes onerous, and they start to crack down on transactions or crack down on different types of races, religions, etc., you can take your money and you can leave. And that ability, that freedom, is

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Nathaniel Whittemore & Dan Held 03 Nov 2022 • EN

Dan Held on Bitcoin and the Battle Against CBDCs

This episode is sponsored by Nexo.io, Circle and FTX US.   Dan Held is a serial bitcoin entrepreneur, the former head of growth marketing at Kraken and currently an adviser to Trust Machines and other crypto companies. In this discussion, he and NLW talk about the state of crypto narratives, bitcoin maximalism versus b

31 min
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Ryan Sean Adams & Dan Held 12 Oct 2022 • EN

Rejecting Bitcoin Fundamentalism | Dan Held

Dan Held is a widely known educator in the Bitcoin Universe. Formerly the director of growth marking at Kraken, he’s now an independent content creator at the Held Report and an advisor to Trust Machines. In today’s State of the Nation, we explore a new extremist sub-division of the Bitcoin movement: Bitcoin Fundamenta

68 min
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Jeremy Allaire & Dan Held 15 Jul 2022 • EN

Ep 64 | Building Bitcoin as Sound Money with Dan Held of Kraken

Bitcoin helped spawn a digital assets industry that is worth hundreds of billions today. And while the original cryptocurrency may not incorporate every new and exciting innovation that emerges from the fast-paced ecosystem development, Bitcoin remains the largest contender by market capitalization and embodies the eth

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Peter McCormack & Dan Held 29 Apr 2022 • EN

The Bitcoin Adoption Supercycle with Dan Held

“We have a lot of things that make me extremely bullish on Bitcoin… did I wish this to happen on the world? Absolutely not, I wish we didn’t need to have Bitcoin because we could trust, but we can’t.” — Dan Held Dan Held is the Growth Lead at Kraken. In this interview, we discuss the splintering and factionalization of

63 min
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Joel Comm + Travis Wright & Dan Held 06 Jan 2022 • EN

HODLing with Dan Held

HODLing with Dan Held In episode 579, we are pleased to welcome Dan Held to the show to do more held puns and discuss the past decade of Bitcoin and crypto. We also might be pouring out a little Ice T for all y’all. So hodl someone close on as we hedl our way through episode #579 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. Full show no

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