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 In this enlightening episode of The Mark Moss Show, Dr. Peter St Onge unpacks the recent BRICS meeting, the speculative transition towards gold-backed rails, and the dynamics of national currencies. Delve deep into the intricacies of the US dollar as a reserve currency and understand its effects on global power dynami

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Mark Moss & Nolan Bauerle 04 Aug 2023 • EN

The Future of Decentralization: A Dialogue with Nolan Bauerle

In this captivating episode of The Mark Moss Show, join Mark and special guest Nolan Bauerly as they delve into the implications of our shifting world from centralized power structures to decentralized systems. They explore how the democratization of information and the rise of Bitcoin are changing societal dynamics, t

37 min
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Mark Moss & Robert Breedlove 28 Jun 2023 • EN

The Economy Is Broken, It's Missing This 1 Thing | Robert Breedlove

All of life, health, relationships, business, and even more require work. You require adjustments and require feedback. Now the faster these feedback mechanisms and optimizations can happen, the more progress and success a person and the world can have. What happens when this is broken? More importantly, what can we do

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Now the global financial system seems to be barely hanging on by a thread. It's the Fed bailout, it's the debt ceiling, the Treasury's bankrupt, the UK pensions, the rise of the BRICS nations and as crazy as all this sounds. There's a big, logical answer.   That's the topic of today's conversation I'm having with Prest

42 min
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Mark Moss & Vivek Ramaswamy 14 Jun 2023 • EN

Here Comes The Battle Over CBDCs and The FED | Vivek Ramaswamy

You're constantly hearing about Central Bank Digital Currencies everywhere! All over the new cycle and of course the news that the Federal Reserve wants to roll out their own Central Bank digital currency. It's such a hot topic that it seems like it might be one of the main talking points between presidential candidate

31 min
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Robert Breedlove & Mark Moss 29 May 2023 • EN

The Greatest Danger We Face with Mark Moss (WiM319)

Mark Moss joins me to discuss the framework of revolutionary cycles, the importance of adaptation, and why censorship is the new battleground.  Mark Moss is an investor, author, and entrepreneur. He hosts the popular podcast, The Mark Moss Show.  // GUEST //  Twitter:  Website: https://www

64 min
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