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Robert Breedlove & George Gammon 11 Apr 2024 • EN

Money, Velocity, and Bitcoin’s Impact with George Gammon (WIM457)

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127 min
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Ken McElroy and George Gammon delve into the real estate market and its susceptibility to broader financial trends. They discuss the crucial importance of understanding macroeconomic indicators like the yield curve, the potential impact of a recession on housing markets, and the often-overlooked aspects of real estate

56 min
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Robert Breedlove & George Gammon 02 Mar 2023 • EN

The Game Theory of Bitcoin Adoption with George Gammon (WiM280)

In this episode, we discuss the importance of voting with your wallet, how Bitcoin will impact the size of the Government, the moral hazard of CBDCs, and how to prepare yourself for an uncertain future.  George Gammon is an entrepreneur and investor who has years of experience investing across multiple countries. // GU

126 min
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Robert Breedlove & George Gammon 01 Feb 2023 • EN

Is Sound Money the Answer? with George Gammon (WiM268)

George Gammon is an entrepreneur and investor who has years of experience investing across multiple countries. We discuss the importance of education about taxation and small government, and the extent to which sound money is the solution for government overgrowth. GUEST:  George's YouTube Channel:

129 min
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Mark Moss & George Gammon 20 Dec 2022 • EN

Why Odds Of Recession Are Now 99% | George Gammon

Why the odds of recession are now 99%. I know that sounds like it's almost certain, but in life there's no such thing as certainties, only probabilities. My friend George Gammon says this all the time on his channel. So I sat down with him to dig into the specifics, what are the odds of a recession?... and More importa

52 min
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Richard Jacobs & George Gammon 15 Jun 2022 • EN

Understanding Our Economy From A Global Perspective With George Gammon

When considering the subject of economics, it is important to know that it is a global phenomenon. Otherwise referred to as macroeconomics, studying the economy from this perspective offers unique insights into the world of investing and personal freedom. Today we hear from George Gammon, the founder of Rebel Capitalis

60 min
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