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Stephan Livera & Michael Saylor 22 Dec 2023 • EN

Michael Saylor on Bitcoin Principles (SLP536)

What are the key principles underlying Bitcoin? How should we think about changes to Bitcoin? Michael Saylor, Executive Chairman and Founder of MicroStrategy rejoins me on the show to discuss: Bitcoin Protocols Bitcoin Principles Bitcoin Dynamics Bitcoin Politics Bitcoin Philosophy Links: X: @saylor Prior Episode: SLP2

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This is a 10-15 minute Podcast every Tuesday and Thursday Morning filling you in on the latest market moves in the crypto space. We will cover the Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Prices, The fear and greed index, What are the biggest winners and losers in the altcoin markets and why these tokens are performing the way

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Frank Chaparro & Michael Saylor 30 Jun 2023 • EN

MicroStrategy's Michael Saylor on gold, Ordinals and Bitcoin ETFs

Michael Saylor is the Executive Chairman of MicroStrategy. Since 2020, MicroStrategy has amassed an eye-catching bitcoin reserve, making it one of the largest corporate holders of bitcoin in the world. Critics have been vocal, but Saylor and his company have stood firm in their belief and commitment. In this episode, S

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Robert Breedlove & Michael Saylor 17 May 2023 • EN

The Nature of Energy with Michael Saylor (WiM314)

In this episode, Michael Saylor joins me to discuss the nature of energy, the history of human power projection, the source of anxiety in today's world, and the necessity for Bitcoin adoption in cyberspace. Michael Saylor is an American entrepreneur, executive, inventor, author, and philanthropist. // GUEST //  Twitter

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Peter McCormack & Michael Saylor 17 May 2023 • EN

10 Rules for Life with Michael Saylor

“There’s this phrase Bitcoin fixes this… I’m of the opinion that Bitcoin fixes everything. I think Bitcoin is a solution to every city, every state, every country, every corporation, every network, every application, every product.” — Michael Saylor Michael Saylor is the CEO of MicroStrategy. In this interview, we disc

129 min
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On Today's Episode: Crypto winter is here, but what does that mean for you and how are you deciding to weather the storm? It was November 2021 when bitcoin hit 65,000 USD and it dropped to record lows this year. Speculation in a bear market will overshadow the best opinions out there and it makes it so confusing! Is cr

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