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Jason Marc Campbell & Robert Breedlove 04 Sep 2023 • EN

How Bitcoin Changes the Shape of Civilization - Robert Breedlove

In this episode of Selling With Love, Jason Marc Campbell interviews Robert Breedlove, a Bitcoin-focused entrepreneur, writer, and philosopher. They discuss the nature and evolution of money and how Bitcoin fixes the problems of fiat currency and central banking. Robert shares his insights on the history and philosophy

43 min
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Robert Breedlove & Joel Rafidi 22 Aug 2023 • EN

Atlas Shrugged with Joel Rafidi (WiM355)

Joel Rafidi joins me to discuss Atlas Shrugged, the importance of living a truthful life, collectivism vs. individualism, and Bitcoin's value as incorruptible money.  Joel Rafidi is the co-host of Here For The Truth podcast.  Twitter:  Podcast: // SPONSORS

65 min
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Robert Breedlove & Jeff Deist 18 Aug 2023 • EN

Political Money vs Market Money with Jeff Deist (WiM354)

Jeff Deist joins me to discuss the weaponization of fiat money, how the market defines money, the impact of a gold-backed currency, and the shortcomings of democracy.  Jeff Deist is a writer, advocate, and public speaker for markets, property, and civil society. He is the former president of the Mises Institute. He is

68 min
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Robert Breedlove & Mikki Willis 16 Aug 2023 • EN

The Great Awakening with Mikki Willis (WiM353)

Mikki Willis joins me to discuss the Plandemic series, the importance of voting with your wallet, self-responsibility, and how to protect yourself against social engineering.  Mikki Willis is an independent investigative filmmaker. He is the producer of the documentary series Plandemic.  // GUEST //  Twitter: https://t

110 min
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Robert Breedlove & Keith Knight 14 Aug 2023 • EN

The Voluntaryist Handbook with Keith Knight (WiM352)

Keith Knight joins me to discuss the Voluntaryist Handbook. This Handbook covers several prominent libertarian essays on topics such as: the deceptive tendencies of the state, the definition of the free market, the conflict of collectivism, and six questions for the statists.  Keith Knight is the organizer of the Volun

74 min
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Robert Breedlove & Rob Henderson 11 Aug 2023 • EN

The Nature of Mimetic Desire with Rob Henderson (WiM351)

Rob Henderson joins me to discuss the nature of mimetic desire, the underlying purpose of advertisement, and the notion of agreeableness and disagreeableness.  Rob Henderson is a writer and psychologist. He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.  // GUEST //  Twitter:  Newsletter: https:/

54 min
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