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Stephan Livera & Pierre Rochard 25 Dec 2023 • EN

Elizabeth’s War on Bitcoin with Pierre Rochard (SLP535)

Elizabeth Warren has come out with a new anti Bitcoin bill. Joining me is VP of Research at Riot Platforms, Pierre Rochard. We talk about:  What’s in the bill Policy objectives “Unhosted wallets” FATF Ordinals Tx Fees Third school of thought on long term fees Links: X: @BitcoinPierre Sponsors: (code LIVERA) Co

76 min
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Stephan Livera & Michael Saylor 22 Dec 2023 • EN

Michael Saylor on Bitcoin Principles (SLP536)

What are the key principles underlying Bitcoin? How should we think about changes to Bitcoin? Michael Saylor, Executive Chairman and Founder of MicroStrategy rejoins me on the show to discuss: Bitcoin Protocols Bitcoin Principles Bitcoin Dynamics Bitcoin Politics Bitcoin Philosophy Links: X: @saylor Prior Episode: SLP2

170 min
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Stephan Livera & Paul Sztorc 15 Dec 2023 • EN

The Great Drivechain Debate with Paul Sztorc and Peter Todd (SLP533)

Drivechain is a proposal from 2015 which has had a lot of community debate recently. Joining us today to debate this are Paul Sztorc (CEO of Layer Two Labs) and Peter Todd. We discuss a range of points: Drivechain and miner centralisation Whether you can delegate running a node Legal risks Fees and Blocksize limits Lin

99 min
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Many Bitcoiners have seen or shared around the images that show Labour Compensation (wages and other benefits) diverging from Labour Productivity since 1971, particularly from sites such as Rejoining me today is Gene Epstein to break down why this chart is flawed! We also talk about broader issue

73 min
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Stephan Livera & Jason Les 02 Nov 2023 • EN

Dodging Knives as a Bitcoin Miner (SLP522)

Have you wondered about the challenges of managing a large publicly listed Bitcoin mining company? Jason Les, CEO of Riot Platforms joins me to talk: His poker background Why hashrate expands even when price is down Riot’s competitive advantages Should miners use debt financing?  HODLing Bitcoin as a miner Bitcoin ETF

65 min
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Stephan Livera & Lyn Alden 01 Oct 2023 • EN

Broken Money with Lyn Alden (SLP518)

Lyn Alden, macro analyst rejoins me on the show to talk about her new book, Broken Money. We discuss Lyn’s thoughts on: Ledger money and who controls it Different theories of money Speed of transaction vs. settlement Warfare funding under fiat Base money and Broad money GFC and the response to it Fiat standard incentiv

61 min
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