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Jonny Hodl & Guy Swann 09 Oct 2023 • EN

The Ethics of Libertarianism ft. Guy Swann [SFP062]

Guy is a libertarian and bitcoiner who hosts the long running Bitcoin Audible podcast, and more recently the Ai Unchained podcast. Guy has been a long time advocate for decentralised technology, cypherpunk values, Austrian economics, voluntarist philosophy, and how all of these fields intersect. **Guest** Twitter: http

148 min
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Preston Pysh & Guy Swann 20 Sep 2023 • EN

BTC148: Bitcoin and AI w/ Guy Swann (Bitcoin Podcast)

Preston Pysh and Guy Swann's conversation covers the fascinating attributes about AI, the counterintuitive nature of AI and how the need for specialized models will create a rich ecosystem of decentralizing forces around countless models and resourcing requests. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN: 00:00 - Intro 01:24 - What

96 min
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Guy Swann & John Vallis 22 Mar 2023 • EN

Chat_79 - The Spirit of Bitcoin with John Vallis

I joined John today for an over 2 hour rip on the nature of Bitcoin, numerous technical developments, the trade offs of those in the past, the consequences of changes - even those considered well analyzed and understood, the chaos of consensus around altering consensus, the spirit of Bitcoin vs the letter of the law, a

150 min
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Guy Swann & Alex Svetski 04 Aug 2022 • EN

Read_641 - Bitcoiners Are Not Utopians [Aleks Svetski]

"It’s not and never was about equality or perfection. It’s about fairness and consequence. Bitcoin is “Responsibility go Up” technology." - Aleks Svetski The principles and rules of Bitcoin do not establish utopia, they do not create a perfect equality for all participants, instead it creates fairness and enforces equa

47 min
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Jack Spirko & Guy Swann 05 Jul 2022 • EN

Guy Swann on Bitcoin and Freedom – Epi-3118

Guy Swann is literally ,“The Guy who has read more about Bitcoin than anyone else you know.” Guy is a speaker, Podcast Host, Educator, Narrator, Filmmaker, & Entrepreneur who went down the Bitcoin rabbit hole in 2011 & has never … Continue reading →

124 min
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Tom Woods & Guy Swann + Stephan Livera 17 Jun 2022 • EN

Ep. 2147 What Is Happening With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been taking a beating lately. Its critics have been having a field day. What's really going on? Stephan Livera and Guy Swann join us to discuss.

40 min
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