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Does your career path feel uncertain, or at the very least, unsteady? In a world where jobs aren’t guaranteed, we increasingly need to advocate for ourselves and create a brand around our work. In the process of promoting ourselves, we can also lose sight of our values and the longer term goals. Marketing expert and au

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Deanna Marie Radulescu & Siquoyia Blue 31 May 2023 • EN

The Power of Being Label Free with Siquoyia Blue

In this episode of Label Free Podcast, host Deanna Radulescu  interviews singer, actress, model, and activist Siquoyia Blue, who shares her journey of breaking free from limiting beliefs and labels. Sequoia discusses her early days in the music industry, learning the importance of understanding the business aspect, and

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Paul Finnegan & Jennifer Muldowney 29 May 2023 • EN

S3E9: Jennifer Muldowney, a Heart Grows Bigger

Jennifer Muldowney, from Dublin’s fair city, in Ireland, is an author, a podcaster, and a member of that exclusive set of people who has given a TED Talk. But for this vivacious young woman, all these glamorous activities are in support of her unique, creative, small-ish, and growing business, which, not to put too fin

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Success in a hyper-connected world requires not just strong individual performance, but also the ability to leverage the power of networks. By understanding the dynamics of collaboration and managing the impact of daily stressors, we can build resilience and thrive in our interconnected world. For today’s episode, we'r

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Author & psychiatrist Dr. Mark Goulston shares his journey to being a mental health professional. Originally a UCLA professor of psychiatry for over 25 years, and a former FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer, Dr. Mark Goulston’s expertise has been forged and proven in the crucible of real-life, high stakes situa

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David Newman & Jeff Bajorek 30 May 2023 • EN

Sell Human with Jeff Bajorek

Jeff Bajorek is a consultant, trainer, and coach who helps salespeople uncover the truth about what's holding them back and empowers them with the tools that enable their best work. His mission is to help you Rethink The Way You Sell, because you never sell better than when you Sell Like You.   Jeff talks about persona

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