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Larry C. Johnson 01 Feb 2024 • EN

Larry Johnson on Why We’re Headed to War With Iran

David Gornoski sits down with retired CIA analyst Larry Johnson for a conversation on the increasingly disastrous foreign policy undertaken by the Biden administration. Is the Pentagon covering up key details about the drone attack that killed three US soldiers? What are the possibilities of the US going to war with Ir

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Former CIA Analyst and commentator Larry Johnson joins the podcast to discuss the fundamental problems of our bureaucracy and how that translates into horrific policy decisions. Show Notes Larry's Substack

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Larry C. Johnson 31 Aug 2023 • EN

Larry Johnson | 08-31-2023

Frank interviews Larry Johnson, former CIA agent and former deputy director in the US State Department's office of counter-terrorism Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

32 min
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Thomas Carrigan & Larry C. Johnson + Andrei Martyanov 24 Jan 2023 • EN

Ukraine War Update | Andrei Martyanov & Larry Johnson (TPC #1,067)

Larry website: Andrei book: TPC #1,067 is with Andrei Martyanov and Larry Johnson. ANDREI MARTYANOV is an expert on Russian military and naval issues. He was born in Baku, USSR, graduated from the

60 min
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James H. Kunstler & Larry C. Johnson 18 May 2022 • EN

KunstlerCast 358 — A Conversation About Ukraine with Larry C Johnson

The post KunstlerCast 358 — A Conversation About Ukraine with Larry C Johnson appeared first on Kunstler.

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