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The Media Roundtable is back! This week we’re recapping a whirlwind of a time from the 3rd International Podcast Show in London. If you missed out, we’re here to ease your FOMO (and hopefully inspire you to make the trip next year). Steven Abraham (President, Oxford Road) hosts fellow Oxford Road jetsetters Miranda Rom

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James Cridland + Sam Sethi & Todd Cochrane + Mike Kadin 22 Mar 2024 • EN

Todd Cochrane; Mike Kadin; and BBC podcasts

Send James & Sam some fanmail, via Buzzsprout We interview Blubrry"s Todd Cochrane about his new Vid2Pod tool; and chat with RedCircle"s  Mike Kadin about OpenRAP. Plus, the BBC"s podcast strategy.High Street Matters: Accessibility - Unlocking the High Street We arm retailers with the key to unlock the potential of the

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Send James & Sam some fanmail, via Buzzsprout James is joined this week by Dave Jones of the Podcast Index. High Street Matters: Accessibility - Unlocking the High Street We arm retailers with the key to unlock the potential of the high street... for all. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify Su

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James Cridland 31 Jan 2024 • EN

AI in Audio – Stretching What’s Possible

Chief Audio Officers, welcome back to another raucous episode of the Media Roundtable! Dan Granger (Oxford Road founder and CEO) is back to host, joined by fellow agents of influence Kristen Duenas (Associate Media Director, Oxford Road), Stew Redwine (VP of Creative Services, Oxford Road), and everyone’s favorite radi

72 min
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James Cridland 19 Dec 2023 • EN

AI Podcasting Tools with James Cridland

Have you heard these myths about podcast production? Myth 1: Podcast production is time-consuming and requires a lot of technical know-how. Myth 2: Podcasters spend hours editing and perfecting each episode. Myth 3: Burnout is inevitable for podcasters due to the demanding production process. Stay tuned as our guest, J

47 min
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Elijah Drown & James Cridland 27 Nov 2023 • EN

Radio Expert, Podcast Pioneer, and Bleeding Edge of Podnews

This week, on Let's Start a Podcast, James Cridland shares his passion for moving podcasting forward. This Podnews Editor ( recalls how important moving on from BBC was for podcasting, how his curiosity ended up breaking news and uncovering a moment where iHeartRadio tried to manipulate podcast numbers, and

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