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Nathaniel Whittemore & Alex Mashinsky 15 Jul 2023 • EN

A Complete Breakdown of the Charges Against Celsius' Alex Mashinsky

Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky was arrested this week. NLW explores the complete list of charges against him. Enjoying this content? SUBSCRIBE to the Podcast: Watch on YouTube: Subscribeto the newsletter: Joi

15 min
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Nathaniel Whittemore & Rebecca Rettig 23 Jun 2023 • EN

The Value Prop - Digital Asset Use Cases with Rebecca Rettig

Rebecca Rettig is the Chief Policy Officer at Polygon Labs and recently spearheaded The Value Prop -- a new project creating a database of digital asset use cases.  APOLOGIES FOR POOR NLW AUDIO - WE HAD A RIVERSIDE MISHAP!  Read the announcement here: Check

23 min
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Nathaniel Whittemore & Dan Tapiero 22 Jun 2023 • EN

The Bear Market is Over with Dan Tapiero

Dan Tapiero has deployed more than a billion dollars into growth stage digital asset companies in the last few years. He's also convinced that the bear market is over. In this conversation, he and NLW discuss the narrative resilience of crypto with institutional investors; why companies are looking global, and more.  E

65 min
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Nathaniel Whittemore & Jon Askonas 06 May 2023 • EN

The End of Consensus Reality with Jon Askonas

One of the jarring but regular experiences of modern life is discovering that someone, perhaps even someone close to you, sees the world and the events that happened in it in a wildly different way from what your perception tells you happened. It can feel like we're all living in completely different realities.   More

40 min
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The Chainlink co-founder discusses an important societal paradigm shift. NLW is joined by Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov for the first in “The Breakdown”'s "Paradigm Shift" interview series. Sergey discusses why society's trust model has broken down, how cryptographic truth serves as an alternative, and why this a

68 min
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Nathaniel Whittemore & Alex Gladstein 31 Dec 2022 • EN

Bitcoin Is Optimism, With Alex Gladstein

This episode is sponsored by, Circle and Kraken.   Today’s guest is Alex Gladstein, chief strategy officer at the Human Rights Foundation.   Find our guest on Twitter: @gladstein - Nexo is a security-first platform where you can buy, exchange and borrow against your crypto. The company ensures the safety of you

38 min
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