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Welcome to The Chopping Block – where crypto insiders Haseeb Qureshi, Tom Schmidt, Robert Leshner chop it up about the latest news. This week, the gang sits down with guest Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures, whose tweet thread pushed the Wall Street Journal to correct its story that Hamas had raised tens of millions

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Ryan Sean Adams & Nic Carter 16 Oct 2023 • EN

192 - Cryptodollars Are the New Eurodollars with Nic Carter

Cryptodollars are the new Eurodollars. What are Eurodollars, though? Well, we get into that in today’s episode with 8-time repeat Bankless guest, Nic Carter. Nic is a partner at Castle Island Ventures, Fidelity alumni, co-founder and board member of Coin Metrics, and a prolific writer of editorials and academic article

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In today's episode of Empire Jason and Santi are joined by Crypto investor Nic Carter and Martin Carrina, founder of Mountain Protocol, to discuss the past and future of stablecoins. They compare stablecoins to the rise of Eurodollars, arguing they meet a real demand for dollar exposure and could ultimately strengthen

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Nic Carter 29 Aug 2023 • EN

The Next Chapter for Stablecoins | Nic Carter

Nic Carter joins us to discuss how digitized dollars are crypto's killer use case. We explore predictions for stablecoins, what people get wrong about Tether, US regulation, why L1 networks over-index on scarcity, crypto's most over/underrated sectors and more! Nic is a crypto OG, prolific writer and investor. You don'

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Peter McCormack & Nic Carter 02 Jun 2023 • EN

Defending Bitcoin: Operation Chokepoint 2.0 with Nic Carter

“In the US, we know it’s coordinated. We absolutely know that. It’s certain officials in the Biden administration that are working together with specific regulators, in particular the bank regulators, to marginalise the Bitcoin and crypto industry.” — Nic Carter Nic Carter is a Partner at Castle Island Ventures and co-

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Peter McCormack & Nic Carter + Lane Rettig 02 Nov 2022 • EN

Censorship & State Capture with Nic Carter & Lane Rettig

“You could describe Proof of Stake in two words: shareholders vote. And guess what, that is how the world works already… I want to build a system that at least has the potential to be democratising, and move towards decentralisation, censorship resistance, these properties that we care so much about; and I think Proof

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