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David Hoffman + Ryan Sean Adams & Anatoly Yakovenko + Justin Drake 03 Jun 2024 • EN

The Ethereum vs. Solana Debate | Justin Drake vs. Anatoly Yakovenko

✨ Mint the episode on Zora ✨ https://zora.co/collect/zora:0x0c294913a7596b427add7dcbd6d7bbfc7338d53f/9?referrer=0x077Fe9e96Aa9b20Bd36F1C6290f54F8717C5674E  ------ 🎬 DEBRIEF | Ryan & David unpacking the episode: https://www.bankless.com/debrief-the-justin-drake-vs-anatoly-yakovenko-interview  ------ Ethereum vs. Solana

107 min
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Ryan Sean Adams + David Hoffman & Eric Wall 08 May 2024 • EN

Bitcoin's 2024 Revolution: L2s & Beyond | Eric Wall

✨ DEBRIEF | Ryan & David unpacking the episode: https://www.bankless.com/debrief-the-eric-wall-interview  ------ What’s the Endgame for Bitcoin Scaling? That’s what we asked bitcoin builder and researcher Eric Wall. We start by exploring the evolution of Bitcoin and the genesis of scaling solutions on top of it. We the

89 min
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David Hoffman + Ryan Sean Adams & Regan Bozman 06 May 2024 • EN

The Battle Between Crypto VCs & Retail Investors | Regan Bozman

✨ DEBRIEF | Ryan & David unpacking the episode: https://www.bankless.com/debrief-the-regan-bozman-interview  ------ Today we explore the frontier of Venture Capitalists vs Retail Investors, are they at war? That’s exactly what we debate on the show with crypto writer and VC Regan Bozman. Lots of questions to be asked o

75 min
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Ryan Sean Adams + David Hoffman & Robert Drost + Sreeram Kannan 29 Apr 2024 • EN

$EIGEN Token Announcement With Sreeram Kannan and Robert Drost

Eigenlayer token details are here! Don’t call it an Airdrop - This is a Stakedrop — because that’s the only thing you can do with your EIGEN tokens out of the gate.  15% of the total Supply of Eigen distributed over multiple Seasons, Season 1 starts today with 5% of the supply, and one of the most sophisticated set of

71 min
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David Hoffman + Ryan Sean Adams & Jeremy Allaire 29 Apr 2024 • EN

$3 Trillion in Stablecoins by 2030 | Jeremy Allaire, USDC Founder

✨ DEBRIEF | Ryan & David unpacking the episode: https://www.bankless.com/debrief-the-jeremy-allaire-interview  ------ Joining the podcast today we have the man behind the largest US based stablecoin, Jeremy Allaire, the Founder of USDC Circle. A year ago USDC depegged in the face of major banks like SVB and Silvergate

84 min
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David Hoffman + Ryan Sean Adams & Erik Torenberg + Haseeb Qureshi 24 Apr 2024 • EN

Tech Acceleration vs Deceleration: e/acc vs. d/acc debate | Erik Torenberg & Haseeb Qureshi

Erik Torenburg and Haseeb Quereshi join us for today's debate. Should we accelerate or decelerate our tech progress? How about when it comes to something as powerful as AI? This is not just a debate in tech circles - this is a political debate that poised to define the next decade.  We’ve had leaders from both sides of

102 min
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