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James Altucher & Peter Boghossian 10 Jul 2024 • EN

How to Have Impossible Conversations when Facts Don't Matter! Peter Boghossian

A Note from James: You know, it's election season, and guess what?  Everybody is annoyed right now. Do you know why? It's not that their opinions are annoying, I could care less, but everybody wants to know your opinions on everything. And you know what? It's a dangerous time right now. You could have opinions about wh

85 min
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Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2 “There are people—a non-trivial number of people—who teach in the academy, many of whom have tenure, who have obtained their credentials fraudulently. They have lied, they have cheated o

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Dave Rubin & Peter Boghossian 17 Nov 2023 • EN

Ex-Professor Exposes Why Universities Can't Be Saved | Peter Boghossian

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Peter Boghossian about the state of academia; his concerns about the corruption of institutions, particularly in higher education; the spread of harmful ideologies; why the idea of a national divorce is a bad idea; why people should stop donating to their alma maters; why atten

27 min
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In this thought-provoking episode, Stella and Sasha engage in a powerful conversation with the brilliant Peter Boghossian, known for his controversial public resignation from Portland State University and his critical stance on academia. Dr. Peter Boghossian is a Founding Faculty member at the University of Austin and

69 min
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Brian Keating & Peter Boghossian 13 Sep 2023 • EN

Is Science in a Legitimacy Crisis? | Peter Boghossian

Today, I sat down with someone who I respect greatly – Peter Boghossian. Peter is a former Portland State University professor, renowned philosopher, and best-selling author. His primary research areas are critical thinking and moral reasoning.  He actually resigned from his position at Portland State University becaus

82 min
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Stephen Sackur & Peter Boghossian 04 Jul 2023 • EN

Peter Boghossian: Has academia been corrupted by ‘woke’ ideology?

Stephen Sackur speaks to controversial philosopher Peter Boghossian, who spoofed a host of US academic journals to expose what he claims is the corruption of academia by politically fashionable ‘woke’ ideology. Is he stoking the fires of a dangerous culture war?

23 min
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