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Ahmed Bouzid, PhD
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Dr. Ahmed Bouzid , is Founder and CEO of Witlingo, a McLean, Virginia, based startup that builds products and solutions that enable brands to engage with their clients and prospects using voice, audio, and conversational AI. Prior to Witlingo, Dr. Bouzid was Head of Alexa’s Smart Home Product at Amazon and VP of Product and Innovation at Dr. Bouzid holds 12 patents in the Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing field and was recognized as a “Speech Luminary” by Speech Technology Magazine and as one of the Top 11 Speech Technologists by He is also an Open Voice Network Ambassador, heading their Social Audio initiative, and author at Opus Research and at CMSWire. His new book, The Elements of Voice First Style, co-authored with Dr. Weiye Ma, is slated to be released by O’Reilly Media in the summer of 2022.

Ahmed Bouzid's Interviews

Ahmed Bouzid is an author, CEO and Founder of Witlingo, a SaaS voice AI company that helps brands give a voice to their customers. Ahmed joins me to share the opportunities and challenges with implementing large language models in voice AI systems such as call centres and voice assistants. Presented by Tidio Grow your

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Jodi Krangle & Ahmed Bouzid 12 Jan 2022 • EN

The Voice of Tomorrow: An Interview With Dr. Ahmed Bouzid - Part 2

“As human beings, we like to praise others that we believe are doing a great job. The thing is to make the ask easy to answer. So if you say 'can you record a one-minute video,' they would do it – I'm sure they would all do it – but it would be heavier. The lighting has to be good, you cannot have a bad hair day, and s

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Jodi Krangle & Ahmed Bouzid 05 Jan 2022 • EN

The Voice of Tomorrow: An Interview With Dr. Ahmed Bouzid - Part 1

“I would say that the core driver has always been trying to enable more folks to engage, more people to be able to express themselves. So when I go back and look at all the things in my life, that seems to be the theme." --  Dr. Ahmed Bouzid   This episode's guest is the founder and CEO of Witlingo, a McLean, Virginia-

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Ahmed Bouzid & Steve Fuller 25 Jun 2021 • EN

Episode 1: On Resistance (Part One)

The Philosopher (Professor Steve Fuller, Auguste Comte Chair in Social Epistemology, Department of Sociology at The University of Warwick) is interviewed by The Apprentice (Dr. Ahmed Bouzid, CEO of Witlingo, a McLean, Virginia IT startup) on various philosophical questions. The goal: The Philosopher helps The Apprentic

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