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John Watkis 04 Oct 2023 • EN

Lessons from The Lion King w/ John Watkis

How do you train your voice for stage presence and audience connection? Meet Voice Over Artist John Watkis! John Watkis has a solid background in speechwriting and stage performance. John is a professional entertainer who was the first Canadian-born actor to play “Mufasa” in the Disney musical, “The Lion King.”  He is

45 min
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Peter George & John Watkis 28 Mar 2023 • EN

How to Make Your Speech Sound Like Music with John Watkis

Sure, knowing your product or service is essential, but do you know how to develop and deliver that information in ways that your audience will remember, repeat, and respond to? If not, you’re missing out, and so is your audience. In this episode, John Watkis offers several ideas on how you can accomplish this by makin

24 min
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Jodi Krangle & John Watkis 01 Dec 2021 • EN

Listen and Breathe: An Interview With John Watkis - Part 2

"Your breathing is the key to calming yourself down because you can lower your heart rate and calm yourself by the proper breathing techniques. And so we call this diaphragmatic breathing, and anyone in theater arts and anyone who sings will do this type of breathing. It's also used in yoga and mindfulness, where you t

30 min
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Jodi Krangle & John Watkis 24 Nov 2021 • EN

Listen and Breathe: An Interview With John Watkis - Part 1

“And we see it, we automatically know and can even tell when someone is reading something that is written. We're like, 'ah, they're reading.' And it's usually not their fault: it's that they're reading something that was written to be read by the eye, not for sound.” John Watkis This episode's guest knows a thing or tw

25 min
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Brenda Warren & John Watkis 23 Feb 2021 •

Speaking With A Purpose - John Watkis

Many People have words. However, John Watkis has something to say. Join us as we discuss speaking with a purpose. Despite his inability to stay in school long enough to graduate from the programs he enrolled in, John has managed to reach world-class status as a speaker, speechwriter, fitness instructor and performer. J

34 min
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