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Ahmed Bouzid is an author, CEO and Founder of Witlingo, a SaaS voice AI company that helps brands give a voice to their customers. Ahmed joins me to share the opportunities and challenges with implementing large language models in voice AI systems such as call centres and voice assistants. Presented by Tidio Grow your

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Kane Simms & Peter Voss 24 Aug 2022 • EN

An AI modelled on the human brain, with Peter Voss, CEO, Aigo

Peter Voss coined the term ‘AGI’ (artificial general intelligence) and is one of the best brains in the business to discuss the real potential of artificial intelligence to behave like humans. Can we build machines that can think? That are conscious? What needs to happen for us to have that ever-present AI assistant we

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There's a labour shortage in the contact centre. Agents are overworked and companies can't recruit. How are enterprises coping with these challenges and what role does technology play? We're joined by Anand Janefalkar, Founder & CEO at UJET, to explore the 2022 contact centre trends and how businesses can overcome thes

Resemble.ai is a cutting edge synthetic voice (text-to-speech) provider that allows anyone or any brand to create their own, customer TTS solution to use across any and all channels. From IVR, Alexa and Google Assistant to narrating videos and marketing materials and even voicing game characters. With just 50 lines of

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Kane Simms & Ron Jaworski 24 Aug 2020 • EN

Your audio strategy's Holy Trinity with Ron Jaworski

Ron Jaworski, CEO Trinity Audio, joins us to share how to satisfy the user, the publisher and the advertiser with your audio strategy. The Holy Trinity of your audio strategy Trinity Audio's philosophy is to satisfy users, publishers and advertisers in an attempt to provide value to all three with audio.  Trinity Audio

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Kane Simms & Eric Seay 17 Apr 2019 • EN

How to use sonic branding in voice with Eric Seay

This week, we're digging deep into how to craft compelling audio experiences in your voice app by using sonic branding and sound design, with Audio UX Co-Founder and CMO, Eric Seay. In this episode: sonic branding We're advancing the conversation we had with Joel Beckerman of Man Made Music on scoring voice experiences

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