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FOLLOW US ON ALL OF OUR PLATFORMS: On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Professor Roman Yampolskiy, author of ‘AI: Unexplainable, Unpredictable, Uncontrollable’ and Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Louisville. He discusses what differentiates

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In another installment of our ‘AI Futures’ series on the ‘AI in Business’ podcast, we host a debate on what Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will mean for society and the human race writ large. While opinions on the subject diverge wildly from utopian to apocalyptic, the episode features grounded insight from esta

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Gus Docker & Roman Yampolskiy 26 May 2023 • EN

Roman Yampolskiy on Objections to AI Safety

Roman Yampolskiy joins the podcast to discuss various objections to AI safety, impossibility results for AI, and how much risk civilization should accept from emerging technologies. You can read more about Roman's work at Timestamps: 00:00 Objections to AI safety 15:06 Will robots make AI

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Robert Tercek + Brett King & Roman Yampolskiy 03 Jun 2022 • EN

Living with Super Intelligent AI

This week we interview Dr. Roman Yampolskiy, a renowned specialist in Artificial Intelligence. We delve into the likely path that AI will take over the coming years, and how Artificial General Intelligence and then Super Intelligent AIs might change the course of human history, and life on our planet. How far away are

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Ricardo Lopes & Roman Yampolskiy 17 Sep 2021 • EN

#523 Roman Yampolskiy: AI, Security, Controllability, and the Singularity

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Roman Yampolskiy, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Louisville, joins us to discuss whether we can control, comprehend, and explain AI systems, and how this constrains the project of AI safety.  Topics discussed in this episode include: -Roman’s results on the unexplainability, incomprehensibility, and

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