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Andrew Huberman, PhD
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Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist at Stanford University.

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In this journal club episode, my guest is Dr. Peter Attia, M.D., a Stanford and Johns Hopkins-trained physician focusing on healthspan and lifespan and the host of The Drive podcast. We each present a peer-reviewed scientific paper chosen because it contains novel, interesting, and actionable data. First, we discuss a

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Andrew Huberman & Rick Rubin 25 Dec 2023 • EN

Rick Rubin: Protocols to Access Creative Energy and Process

In this episode, my guest is Rick Rubin, world-renowned music producer of numerous award-winning artists, including Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, Adele, Eminem, Slayer, and many more. Rick is also the host of the podcast Tetragrammaton and the author of the best-selling book about the creative proce

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Andrew Huberman & Robert Lustig 18 Dec 2023 • EN

How Sugar & Processed Foods Impact Your Health

In this episode, we address the “calories in- calories out” (CICO) model of metabolism and weight regulation and how specific macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates), fiber, and sugar can modify the CICO equation. My guest is Dr. Robert Lustig, M.D., neuroendocrinologist, professor of pediatrics at the University

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Chris Williamson & Andrew Huberman 30 Oct 2023 • EN

#700 - Dr Andrew Huberman - The Secret Tools To Hack Your Brain

Dr Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist, Associate Professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine and a podcaster. It has never been so easy and also so difficult to remain healthy and perform at your best. The right tools and insights we all need to avoid pitfalls and maximise our outcomes are thankfully at ou

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In this episode, my guests are Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook, Inc.), and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, M.D., co-founder and co-CEO of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). We discuss how CZI plans to cure all human diseases by the end of this century by funding transformative projects and technologies

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Andrew Huberman & Lisa Feldman Barrett 16 Oct 2023 • EN

Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett: How to Understand Emotions

In this episode, my guest is Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, Ph.D., a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University who is a world expert in the science of emotions. She explains what emotions are and how the brain represents and integrates signals from our body and the environment around us to create our

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Alex_Liak • 09/Jul/2023 19:25:36 • English • Audio
Why I lsiten To Andrew Huberman

Andrew Huberman is a famous cognitive scientist, and when listening to him, given his high rank in education, I'm always at ease with his propositions and facts that he puts forward. I enjoy how he communicates hard-to-understand topics into easy-to-follow, with common vocabulary podcast appearances. I'm always fascinated as he explains how we can optimize ourselves for performance through mediums such as sleep and diet. He further shares insights and strategies for personal growth and self-development as he explores topics such as mindset, motivation and resilience, offering practical tips for achieving personal and professional goals.

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