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Peter Singer is a professor of bioethics, with a background in philosophy.

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Freddie Sayers & Peter Singer 29 May 2024 • EN

Peter Singer: How to live a good life

World-famous utilitarian philosopher and Princeton Professor of Bioethics, Peter Singer, has spent his career asking (and answering) questions that make even the most radical thinkers uncomfortable. He joins UnHerd to discuss his maverick moral calculus and the struggle for telos in a culture both more isolated and mor

69 min
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Lawrence Krauss & Peter Singer 07 Oct 2023 • EN

Peter Singer: From Animal Liberation to Effective Altruism

I have felt privileged to know the remarkable scholar Peter Singer as a friend and colleague for over a decade. We first met, I believe, in the context of atheism, but our discussions have ranged far more broadly, and his impact on my own thinking has been substantial. He and I engaged in a public dialogue in Arizona e

139 min
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What is our responsibility to animals? Is there a way to consciously source and consume animal products? Or are we sacrificing the health of our planet for the sake of a few hamburgers? As the climate crisis grows in urgency, so too do these ethical dilemmas. Answering these questions, however, can often feel confusing

34 min
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Is eating meat an ethical practice?   In this episode of The Darin Olien show, we navigate the often-unseen implications of factory farming on our environment and society, shedding light on issues ranging from subsidized grain, antibiotic resistance, and climate change with Peter Singer. Peter's expertise in bioethics

62 min
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Coleman Hughes & Peter Singer 23 Jun 2023 • EN

Animal Rights, Abortion, and Lying with Peter Singer

My guest today is Peter Singer. Peter Singer is a renowned Australian moral philosopher best known for his work in applied ethics, particularly regarding animal rights and global poverty. He's considered a leader in the development of the modern animal rights movement, which was hugely influenced by his 1975 book, "Ani

60 min
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Stephen Sackur & Peter Singer 09 Jun 2023 • EN

Peter Singer: Is the animal rights movement unstoppable?

Philosopher Peter Singer has spent decades arguing for animal rights; his arguments have persuaded millions to give up meat. Has the movement he inspired become unstoppable?

23 min
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