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In this episode, New York Times bestselling author Reza Aslan discusses his book, An American Martyr in Persia, unveiling the extraordinary story of Howard Baskerville, a Christian missionary from South Dakota. Baskerville joined Persian students in their fight for democracy during the 1907 revolution, where his death

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Frank Buckley & Reza Aslan 07 Dec 2022 • EN

Reza Aslan, Author of "An American Martyr in Persia"

Reza Aslan is a religious scholar and the author of several books including the #1 New York Times Best Seller "Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth," "No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam," and now a new book "An American Martyr in Persia: The Epic Life and Tragic Death of Howard Baske

29 min
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Sean Illing & Reza Aslan 20 Oct 2022 • EN

Is America losing its religion?

Sean Illing talks with Reza Aslan, scholar of religions and author of multiple bestselling nonfiction works, to discuss the state of religion in America today. Sean and Reza discuss the relationship between politics and religion, why it can be hard to separate the emotional experiences of faith from the symbolic langua

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Tyler Cowen & Reza Aslan 19 Oct 2022 • EN

Reza Aslan on Martyrdom, Islam, and Revolution

Reza Aslan doesn’t mind being called a pantheist. In his own “roundabout spiritual journey” and study of the world’s religions, which has led him to write books on Islam, the life of Jesus Christ, God, and most recently an American martyr in Persia, he has come to believe the Sufi notion that religion is just a shell o

53 min
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Rainn Wilson + Reza Aslan & Ruha Benjamin 04 Oct 2022 • EN

Ruha Benjamin: How Do You Build A Movement?

Rainn and Reza sit down with Sociologist and Professor, Ruha Benjamin, to ponder, "How Do You Build A Movement?"   Special Thanks To Our Sponsors:  Betterhelp When you want to be a better problem solver, therapy can get you there. Visi

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Adam Conover & Reza Aslan 28 Sep 2022 • EN

What’s Happening in Iran and Why? with Reza Aslan

Iran is currently being rocked by protests against the oppressive theocratic regime that rules the country. What is happening there, and what brought us to this point? Writer and scholar Reza Aslan joins Adam to explain how decades of bad American foreign policy created the Iran we know today, dispel media myths about

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