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Adam Grant is a psychologist and best-selling author whose books have been translated into over 30 languages.

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We live in a world that celebrates and rewards talent. Whether it’s gifted students, outstanding athletes or born musicians, we applaud those who get there effortlessly, instead of those who travel furthest to reach the same place. In doing so, my guest today believes we also overlook our own potential to do great thin

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Do you want to become more motivated to reach your full potential?   Joining Sarah Grynberg for the second time is organisational psychologist and bestselling author of Hidden Potential, Adam Grant, who is a leading expert in the science of motivation, generosity, rethinking, and potential. His aim is to challenge peop

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Krys Boyd & Adam Grant 13 Nov 2023 • EN

How to get better at self-improvement

The difference between top performers and the rest of us can often be traced back to an ability to maximize potential. Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist at the Wharton School, and he joins host Krys Boyd to discuss strategies for Average Joe’s to excel. His book is “Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving

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Ryan speaks with organizational psychologist and book author Adam Grant on seeing things in the context of where they actually sit, learning to be pleased but not satisfied, current sports culture and his new book Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things. Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist at

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Dax Shepard & Adam Grant 26 Oct 2023 • EN

Adam Grant Returns Again

Adam Grant (Hidden Potential) is an organizational psychologist, professor, and author. Adam joins the Armchair Expert again to discuss how much he misses his family when on a book tour, how most people achieve their goals by being motivated, and the most effective way to teach someone a new language. Adam and Dax talk

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House Republicans have settled (for now) on another nominee for Speaker: Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.). A bipartisan group of 42 attorneys general is suing Meta, alleging that its apps are addictive and aimed at their youngest users. Wharton Professor, author, organizational psychologist, and “Re: Thinking” podcaster Adam

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