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Joe Rogan & Chris Williamson 16 Feb 2024 • EN

#2104 - Chris Williamson

Chris Williamson is a podcaster, YouTuber, and club promoter. He's the host of the "Modern Wisdom" podcast.

185 min
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Chris Williamson & Mary Harrington 15 Jan 2024 • EN

#732 - Mary Harrington - Why You Shouldn’t Share Your Private Life Online

Mary Harrington is writer, columnist and author. Everyone has the temptation to share their life on the internet, but where does the line of sharing stop and oversharing begin? How has our performance for the crowd crept into our morals and changed the way we see the role of privacy around our personal lives? Expect to

84 min
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Chris Williamson & Shawn Stevenson 01 Jan 2024 • EN

#726 - Shawn Stevenson - How To Hack Your Sleep With These Habits

Shawn Stevenson is an American nutritionist, bestselling author, and podcaster. You spend more time asleep than any other activity, and yet no one teaches you how to do it properly. Thankfully there are some simple routines, hacks, foods and habits you can implement to improve your sleep and longevity immediately. Expe

113 min
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Chris Williamson & George Mack 18 Dec 2023 • EN

#721 - George Mack - Why Can No One Think Rationally Anymore?

George Mack is a writer, marketer and an entrepreneur. Thinking for yourself is one of the most important skills you can develop. However it's hard. It's a difficult task to overcome the boring, negative, irrational trends around you. Which is why you need some new tools in your mental models box. Expect to learn what

103 min
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Chris Williamson & Whitney Cummings 16 Dec 2023 • EN

#720 - Whitney Cummings - What Is Wrong With Modern Women?

Whitney Cummings is a writer, actress, comedian and a podcaster. Women aren't having a great time at the moment. They're maybe just as lost as men, the only difference is they get a little bit more sympathy. So just where did the trajectory of women go awry and how can they find a way to be happy again? Expect to learn

132 min
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Chris Williamson & Ali Abdaal 14 Dec 2023 • EN

#719 - Ali Abdaal - How To Stop Procrastinating For Good

Ali Abdaal is a YouTuber, podcaster, entrepreneur, and an author. What would life be like if you didn't get so distracted? If you actually did the things you wanted to do with your productive hours, rather than what you were distracted by. Ali has spent an entire career deconstructing the keys to productivity, and toda

82 min
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