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Jordan Harbinger 19 Sep 2023 • EN

Jan’s Interview With Podcast Legend, Jordan Harbinger

What Jan and Jordan Discuss: One in four children will be molested, and 97 percent of the time, it’s by a family member. In Jan Broberg’s case, it was by a close “friend” of the family.How this predator — himself a father of five — expertly infiltrated the trust of Jan’s family when she was just a child and manipulated

98 min
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Jordan Harbinger & Robert Waldinger 12 Sep 2023 • EN

895: Robert Waldinger | Unlocking the Science of Happiness

What can an 85-year study tell us about the science of happiness, and how can we leverage this knowledge to live the good life? Robert Waldinger explains! What We Discuss with Robert Waldinger: How does the ongoing Harvard Study of Adult Development, initiated in 1938, shed light on the key elements of leading a happy

74 min
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Jordan Harbinger & Tim Urban 07 Sep 2023 • EN

892: Tim Urban | What's Our Problem (And How Do We Solve It)?

Wait But Why's Tim Urban helps us find ways to cope with the chaos of current events in his new book, What's Our Problem?: A Self-Help Book for Societies. What We Discuss with Tim Urban: Why we're so polarized and partisan in our political beliefs — seemingly more than ever before. How low-rung thinking prevails on bot

94 min
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Jordan Harbinger & Marc Andreessen 31 Aug 2023 • EN

888: Marc Andreessen | Exploring the Power, Peril, and Potential of AI

AI advocate Marc Andreessen joins us to clear up misconceptions about AI and discuss its potential impact on job creation, creativity, and moral reasoning. What We Discuss with Marc Andreessen: Will AI create new jobs, take our old ones outright, or amplify our ability to perform them better? What role will AI play in

96 min
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Jordan Harbinger & Ian Bremmer 17 Aug 2023 • EN

880: Ian Bremmer | Dealing with a World In Disarray

The Power of Crisis author Ian Bremmer rejoins us to assess the top threats facing our world today and the difficult choices they may force us to make. What We Discuss with Ian Bremmer: The effective unified Western response to Ukrainian invasion has transformed Russia from a would-be China into a massive Iran. China's

93 min
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Jordan Harbinger & Kelly Richmond-Pope 10 Aug 2023 • EN

876: Kelly Richmond Pope | How Fraud Became a Trillion-Dollar Industry

Fool Me Once author Kelly Richmond Pope explains how fraud became a trillion-dollar industry and helps us avoid becoming its latest victims. What We Discuss with Kelly Richmond Pope: What types of people commit fraud, and what — beyond simple greed — tends to motivate them? What is the fraud triangle, and how does it e

73 min
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