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Simon Sinek & Robert Greene 26 Sep 2023 • EN

Power with author Robert Greene

How do people become powerful? Can understanding power protect us from those who wield it too strongly? When Robert Greene first set out to write about power, he didn’t have much of it. He worked odd jobs and was largely at the mercy of other people’s power. Now, his book “The 48 Laws of Power” has given him the power

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In anticipation of their upcoming live discussion series, Ryan and Robert sat down to discuss where their ideas and interests converge. This casual conversation is a small offering of the type of discourse that they will be presenting in their discussion series: Strategy And Philosophy For Turbulent Times in Los Angele

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What happens when we make a conscious effort to truly understand the intricacies of human behavior and social intelligence?    In this episode of The Darin Olien Show, I chat with Robert Greene about self-awareness, the ability to recognize our own flaws, and how this recognition propels personal growth. Transitioning

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Danny Miranda & Robert Greene 12 Jun 2023 • EN

#367: Robert Greene – On Meditation, Success & Death

Robert Greene is a writer. His books have sold millions of copies (including The 48 Laws of Power). In this conversation, we spoke about what new writers get wrong, valuing experiences over money, why his ideas have stuck for 25+ years, developing empathy, and the role of meditation in his own life. (0:00) Intro (1:58)

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Ryan Holiday & Robert Greene 06 Jun 2023 • EN

Late Is Better Than Never | Robert Greene's Favorite Stoic Lessons

What new information could there have possibly been for Seneca, in 62 AD, when he finally broke with Nero? Nero had been deranged for years (as detailed in James Romm’s excellent book Dying Every Day). He had been blood thirsty for years, unfit for leadership since almost the beginning. Seneca knew better from the begi

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How to Double Your Weekly Output while working 10-20 fewer hours/week using a 9 Second Forcing Function Trigger: How to make more progress in the next 3 months than you did in the last 1 year: Watch this episode on our YouTube Channel:

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