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We live in a world that celebrates and rewards talent. Whether it’s gifted students, outstanding athletes or born musicians, we applaud those who get there effortlessly, instead of those who travel furthest to reach the same place. In doing so, my guest today believes we also overlook our own potential to do great thin

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This extra special – and slightly different – episode of the podcast is for anyone who’s ever felt confused about best practice for good health. If you’ve wondered which diet is the best one for your health, or if you are confused about how much protein you should be consuming - or whether a little bit of alcohol has a

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How would you like to think with greater clarity, feel confident in your choices, and finally be capable of sticking to good habits? Today’s guest might just show you how.   Shane Parrish is the entrepreneur and wisdom seeker behind Farnham Street and The Knowledge Project podcast, where he focuses on mastering the bes

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Could you live out of a single backpack? Not for a few weeks or months, but as a lifestyle choice? Well, five years ago, today’s guest gave up his luxury apartment, its contents, his cars and all his possessions – apart from those that fit into his trusty backpack.   Light Watkins has been practising daily meditation f

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My guest today has spent his entire career, trying to understand mental illness.  What’s really causing it – and how can we better manage it.   Dr Chris Palmer is Director of the Department of Postgraduate and Continuing Education at McLean Hospital, Massachusetts and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Med

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In this episode, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee joins Dr. Mindy to discuss personalized approaches to weight loss. Dr. Rangan recognizes the negative impact of today's modern lifestyle on our health so he highlights the importance of listening to our own bodies. While some individuals may find relief from something trendy like

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