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After suffering a traumatic brain injury as a child, this week’s returning podcast guest was labelled "the boy with the broken brain" by teachers and peers, shaping his beliefs about his own capabilities and potential. Fast-forward to today, and he’s transformed his challenges into strengths, becoming a world renowned

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Rangan Chatterjee & Ramani Durvasula 04 Jul 2024 • EN

#467 BITESIZE | 3 Ways We Self-Sabotage and How to Stop | Dr Ramani Durvasula

We often seem to be our own worst enemies and there are some common ways that many of us self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is a spectrum of feelings, beliefs, and behaviours, but they all set us up to fail. Feel Better Live More Bitesize is my weekly podcast for your mind, body, and heart. Each week I’ll be featuring inspir

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In today's fast-paced world, the pursuit of productivity often leads to overwhelm. In fact, one report suggests that 88% of UK workers have experienced some degree of burnout over the past two years. But what if there’s a better way to work and live? This week, I’m delighted to welcome Cal Newport back to my Feel Bette

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Today’s guest has worked with a huge variety of different artists and is named on Time magazine’s list of the ‘100 most influential people in the world’.  But I think one of the reasons he’s reached an almost mythical status across the world is because of his Zen-like manner and his artistic approach to life. Feel Bett

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Rangan Chatterjee & Oliver Burkeman 20 Jun 2024 • EN

#463 BITESIZE | How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed | Oliver Burkeman

In a world of demands, distractions and endless to-do lists, sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by all the things we have to do or want to do leaving us feeling stressed or anxious. Feel Better Live More Bitesize is my weekly podcast for your mind, body, and heart. Each week I’ll be featuring inspirational stories and p

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Have you ever felt lonely, even when surrounded by people? Do you struggle to forge meaningful connections in today's fast-paced, technology-driven world? If so, you're not alone. Loneliness is on the rise in many countries around the world and more people than ever before are feeling alone and isolated. In today’s epi

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