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Reenita Hora Reenita Malhotra Hora is an award-winning screenwriter, novelist and audio producer. Based partly in San Francisco and partly in Los Angeles, her experiences are akin to 'Bhel Puri,' the street food of Mumbai, her native place — a delectable mix of tastes (and preferences), meshed together with a bug or two for good measure. Passionate about storytelling the Indian narrative, Reenita writes characters and themes that reflect the South Asian experience whether set in South Asia or in the Western world. As a writer she has contributed to Reuters, South China Morning Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, Times of India, Rolling Stone, National Geographic Kids, Cartoon Network Asia, Disney and more. As an on-air news reporter, writer, and producer, she has contributed to Bloomberg, RTHK Radio 3, Monocle Radio and the BBC. She has two active podcasts - 'Shadow Realm' (narrative fantasy fiction) and the 'True Fiction Project' (unscripted to scripted). Her female-driven comedy, 'Operation Mom' is a Santa Barbara Screenplay Awards winner, a Chanticleer International Book Awards GrandPrize winner and an Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize winner. Her YA fantasy screenplay, ‘Shadow Realm’ is a Script2Comic and Launchpad Prose finalist, a Screencraft quarterfinalist, and a selected nominee for the New Media Film Festival. She is a limited partner in the How Women Invest fund which specifically invests in women owned companies. She is working on her next novel and has recently launched Chapter by episode, a digital publishing platform for immersive chat fiction stories with diverse themes. More about her projects can be found at:

Reenita Hora's Interviews

The unrivaled “Nora Ephron” of South Asian storytelling Reenita Hora talks about her latest release “Vermillion Harvest-Playtime at the Bagh” taking place in a politically tense Amristar in 1919 as an Anglo-Indian schoolteacher and a feisty Muslim student/activist fall in love where courting is easier said than done an

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Stacey Horan & Reenita Hora 04 Oct 2023 • EN

Bookshop Interview with Author Reenita Hora, Episode #190

Author Reenita Hora discusses her book, Operation Mom: My Plan to Get My Mom a Life and a Man. This YA rom-com novel features a 17-year-old native of Mumbai and her mother, a middle-aged Punjabi woman. Reenita notes that this book is a work of fiction, not a self-help guide, and is more comedy than romance. In fact, it

35 min
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Dianne Burckhardt & Reenita Hora 16 Aug 2023 • EN

S2 EP 79: Reenita Hora (Part 2 of 2), Author, Creator, and Executive Producer

Join the conversation, text us now. ​Hello Happy People, In part one of this interview, Dianne and Reenita covered a lot of Reenita"s extensive background in media and business and had just begun to touch on her personal creative projects. In part two, the women delve more into the comic projects Reenita is developing

39 min
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Dianne Burckhardt & Reenita Hora 09 Aug 2023 • EN

S2 EP 78: Reenita Hora (Part 1of 2), Author, Creator, and Executive Producer

Join the conversation, text us now. Reenita M. Hora ​From her publicist: Reenita is a founder, executive-level content, operations, and marketing leader, and writer. With years of experience in media, entertainment, communications, tech/innovation and wellness industries in the USA and Asia, she grows organizations,  f

43 min
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Reenita Hora & Heather Vickery 21 Jun 2022 • EN

EP 14 - Janet Blue

In today’s episode, Heather Vickery is here to talk about her life journey from fear-based to limitless! Heather is an award-winning business owner, global leader, entrepreneur, and published author. We talk about embracing fear and the unhelpful and unrealistic pursuit of being fearless. Heather shares her story of co

35 min
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Reenita Hora & Rajeev Samant 26 Apr 2022 • EN

EP 9 - The Grape Farm Spectre

In this episode, I’m speaking with Rajeev Samant, CEO of Sula Vineyards and the man responsible for putting wine on the map of India. When asked about his success he simply says he was “the right guy in the right place with the right background.” His friends called him crazy when he quit his job and moved to a poverty-

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