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Pop Quiz: Which page on your website is the hardest one to write? If you answered About Pages, you’re right. GONE are the days where you could write a 14-paragraph monologue about the history of your entrepreneurial journey because guess what? No one cares. There IS a right and a wrong way to write an About Page though

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Our next guest has taken her decade-plus skillset and business acumen beyond the boundaries of what most would expect an expert to say, do, or be. This brilliantly potent human has harnessed her Hulk-like disdain for hard sales, tacky self-promotion, and overly competitive sleazeballs as inspiration for serving entrepr

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Annie P. Ruggles & Sacred Walker 21 Sep 2023 • EN

On Fear, Productivity & Whitney Houston (feat. Sacred Walker)

Are self-care and productivity opposing forces? Must you choose one or the other? Absolutely not! This episode seeks to prove that self-advocacy and self-preservation are among the most efficient, effective choices you can make - if only you allow yourselves the space, and learn to work with your fears. This week, Anni

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Amanda Abella & Annie P. Ruggles 11 Jul 2023 • EN

Non Sleazy Sales with Annie Ruggles

In this week's episode of Make Money Your Honey, we're chatting with Annie Ruggles of Non Sleazy Sales. Annie and I are long time colleagues and friends - we're talking over a decade - and we sit down to discuss sales, all the changes we've seen in the digital marketing space, and so much more. We even get really perso

58 min
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Annie P. Ruggles & Jodi Krangle 10 May 2023 • EN

On Audio Branding, Improvisation & Dungeons & Dragons (feat. Jodi Krangle)

How can you evoke emotion (ethically) and show your passion for your work? How can you stand out in a sea of similar brands? And what the heck can be learned about partnership, flexibility, and delight from the spellcasting, dice-rolling romp known worldwide as Dungeons and Dragons? This week, Annie P. Ruggles is joine

43 min
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Annie P. Ruggles & Brian Patacca 18 Jan 2023 • EN

On Values, Adaptability & The White Lotus (feat. Brian Patacca)

Should your stances, causes, and beliefs be part of your brand? Should we welcome unsubscribes and bitchy comments - or play it safe when it comes to "hot button" topics? And what the heck should we do when our best-laid plans don't seem so shiny or effective anymore? Welcome back to Too Legitimate to Quit! It's our fi

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