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Robert McTeigue & James Corbett 17 Jun 2024 • EN

The News Is a Social Construct (James Corbett) 6/17/24

We welcome back James Corbett of The Corbett Report to discuss the creation of the 24-hour news cycle, mediated reality, and the power of suggestion. How susceptible to narrative are we, and how can we be more intelligent consumers of information?   Show Notes The News is a Social Construct (2017) | The Corbett Report 

52 min
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Chris Ryan & Michael Garfield 17 Jun 2024 • EN

614 - Michael Garfield (Paleontologist-Futurist)

Paleontologist-Futurist Michael Garfield is devoted to helping navigate our age of accelerating weirdness and helping cultivate the curiosity and play we'll need to thrive in it. As host and producer of Future Fossils Podcast, Michael refuses to be enslaved by a single perspective, creative medium, or intellectual comm

128 min
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Ben Stiller 17 Jun 2024 • EN

Meet The Stillers (Part 2)

Ben Stiller returns for more hilarious Hollywood stories! This time, Christine's hubby shares his latest passion project and why it's the most personal thing he's ever done. Ben also reflects on family legacy, the mega director who helped make 'Tropic Thunder' possible, and why that movie would be impossible to make to

84 min
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Thomas Carrigan & Walter Bosley 17 Jun 2024 • EN

Breakaway Civilization | Walter Bosley (TPC #1,509)

New website: Website: YouTube: Support the podcast for as little as $1 a month Blue Light Therapy | Promo Code TOMMY GOLD | Call Genesis Gold today at (800) 2

83 min
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Greg Fitzsimmons & Andy Richter 19 Jun 2024 • EN

Andy Richter - Episode 1057

My man Andy comes on and we celebrate our honeymoon! Follow Andy Richter on Instagram @richtercommaandy 

81 min
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Brendan Schaub + Bryan Callen & Will Sasso + Chris D'Elia + Andrew Schulz + Chris Distefano + Michael Rapaport 12 Jun 2024 • EN

Will Sasso, Chris D'Elia, Andrew Schulz, Chris Distefano & Michael Rapaport | TFATK Ep. 1000

1000 episodes in and the lineup is stacked for the TFATK army. Andrew Schulz, Chris Distefano, Michael Rapaport, Will Sasso and Chris D'Elia join Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen to reminisce over the good ol' TFATK days and talk Will Sasso's non stop speaking in Italian, Andrew Schulz and Brendan discussing the recent

202 min
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