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Susan Ruth began her career as a performing artist and songwriter in Seattle, Washington, where she garnered multiple performance, and writing awards for her albums how to say goodbye and Surfacing to Breathe, and served on the NARAS (Recording Academy - The Grammy people) Board of Governors as a Songwriter Governor. In 2006, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, penning songs in multiple genres, including: pop, country, rock, AC and Euro dance for artists such as Reba McEntire, Lonestar, Erdem Kinay, O'Shea and The United, among others. In 2014, she released her album All I Ever Wanted Was Everything. Susan’s songs have been featured in motion pictures, including Life on the Line and After Life, as well as in the television series MTVs Road Rules and Real World. In July of 2016, Susan founded and began hosting the human interest, purpose-driven, award-winning Hey Human podcast. It has since gained momentum and worldwide attention for its open-minded conversations ranging in topics from science, technology, religion, art, economics and politics to humanism, philosophy, gender and race. Susan is an accomplished abstract painter. Her work is sought-after by collectors, and the majority of her paintings are commissions acquired in advance. Self-taught, she is the third generation grandniece of painter Carl Gutherz, notable member of the American Symbolist movement of the late nineteenth century, whose works hang all over the world. Susan is a sketch writer, and screenwriter. She wrote and directed her first short film, “The First” (in post-prod) and completed the Second City Conservatory program. she’s currently working on her first feature film. Susan has paneled on topics of creativity, crowd-funding, empowerment, communication, independent music, story, humanism, adversity, and finding one's voice for; Act Like a Girrrl, New Millennium Music Conference, FEMMUSIC, Union College, Seattle Film Summit, the Tennessee Higher Education Initiative, MusiCares, RADD, Pujols Family Foundation, and Sunrise Children Services.

Susan Ruth's Interviews

Susan Ruth & David Richman 28 Jul 2022 • EN

David Richman: Learning to Unknow

David Richman’s sister died of brain cancer and he wrote a book called “Cycle of Lives: 15 People’s Stories, 5,000 Miles, and a Journey Through the Emotional Chaos of Cancer.” He interviewed those whose lives had also been irrevocably changed by cancer, either as patients, survivors, loved ones, or caregivers. David is

67 min
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Susan Ruth & B. Jeffrey Madoff 03 Jun 2021 • EN

B. Jeffrey Madoff: Actualizing the Idea

E264 Human B. Jeffrey Madoff is the founder of Madoff Productions and the genius behind commercials and branded content for Victoria Secret, Ralph Lauren, Radio City and Tiffany, to name a few. His best-seller, “Creative Careers: Making a Living With Your Ideas,” is based on the class he developed and teaches at Parson

84 min
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Susan Ruth & Erin Macdonald 02 Sep 2020 • EN

Dr. Erin Macdonald: The Horrendous Space Kablooie

E225 Astrophysicist human, Dr. Erin Macdonald, refers to herself as a “tattooed Scottish-American Slytherin N7 Rebel from Starfleet Academy.” She’s an educator (find her on Twitch and YouTube — “Dr. Erin Explains the Universe”), voice actor, and she hosts a Star Trek Sunday Brunch where she discusses the show with some

82 min
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Susan Ruth & James Swanwick 16 Nov 2017 • EN

James Swanwick: From Aha to Zzz

E75 – Journalist and entrepreneur human James Swanwick has been an ESPN sportscaster, is a podcaster (The James Swanwick Show), world traveler,  influencer and co-founder of the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge, Swannies glasses and the international agency, Crocmedia. (59:30) For more information and links, please visit: H

59 min
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