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Marty Cooper + Ron Cooper & Marie Lesaicherre 22 Aug 2023 • EN

Marie Lesaicherre – Transforming Anxiety and Stress into Resilience

Marie Lesaicherre is the founder and CEO of Akesa Health, a startup offering a self-guided therapy app helping people transform anxiety and distress into resilience. She is a global entrepreneurial executive with 18 years of experience launching tech businesses for General Electric and startups in the US, Asia, Europe,

37 min
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Marty Cooper + Ron Cooper & Rich LaMonica 27 Jul 2023 • EN

Rich Lamonica – The MisfitNation

Rich Lamonica is the MisFitNation Show CEO, and the host. The show originated through the efforts of a U.S. Army Veteran and is hosted by two veterans and a military spouse. The show’s goal is to inspire everyone to be better humans. The MisFitNation does this by having guests with stories of grit and resilience while

38 min
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Marty Cooper + Ron Cooper & David Richman 25 May 2023 • EN

David Richman Ironman – Cycle of Lives

David Richman is an ironman triathlete who speaks with and through his heart. He has a passion for reaching those who are battling cancer. David has more endurance than most people can even think about. His book, “Cycle of Lives” chronicles his passion to reach people in person to “hear” their heart. He wanted to speak

32 min
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Marty Cooper + Ron Cooper & Damian White 23 Feb 2023 • EN

Damian White – I Made a Place For You

Damian White is a poetry writer who has pivoted through various life encounters to identify and refine his strengths and fulfillment.. He authored the poetry book I Made A Place For You, which is his debut collection. It is available at After battling

42 min
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Marty Cooper + Ron Cooper & David Richman 29 Dec 2022 • EN

David Richman Episode 3 – Expressive Writing

Through expressive writing, David Richman can transform a mind that has been traumatized through any means. David joins us for a third episode to pass forward his life experiences to advance people to get beyond trauma. David is an award-winning author, motivational speaker, trainer, and consultant. Numerous studies do

36 min
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Marty Cooper + Ron Cooper & Kevin Palmieri 22 Dec 2022 • EN

Kevin Palmieri– The Best is Yet to Come

Kevin Palmeri has a backstory that could have kept some people from achieving their best. Rather than focus on what could have been, he has chosen to adopt a life journey that focuses on his unique strengths. His failings have become his railings to a new future. Despite his past and life’s setbacks, Kevin has learned

34 min
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