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Damian White
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Damian White is a writer and hip hop artist from Columbus, OH. He is the author of the poetry book, I Made A Place For You, which is his debut collection. Host of the "I Made A Place For You" podcast

Damian White's Interviews

Dennis Morolda & Damian White 09 Mar 2023 • EN

Damian White - Sociology, Masculinity and Homelessness

This was an interesting conversation with a man who grew up with no male role model in his life and studied the sociological impacts of masculine role models has on young men.  He went through several ups and downs in his life (including being homeless for several months) on his way to finding his voice through poetry.

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Marty Cooper + Ron Cooper & Damian White 23 Feb 2023 • EN

Damian White – I Made a Place For You

Damian White is a poetry writer who has pivoted through various life encounters to identify and refine his strengths and fulfillment.. He authored the poetry book I Made A Place For You, which is his debut collection. It is available at After battling

42 min
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Kathy Robinson & Damian White 22 Feb 2023 • EN

Wellness Wednesday: Self-care is Not Selfish with Damian White

#183  Today is Wednesday, time for a little wellness boost - a shortened episode to keep your Warrior Vibe high. Once again, today’s guest is writer Damian White.  During this discussion, Damian shares his thoughts to help listeners who may be experiencing a difficult time or transition, offering four specific actionab

10 min
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Kathy Robinson & Damian White 19 Feb 2023 • EN

How to Keep Your Inner Flame Burning with Damian White

#182  Today’s episode is about the essence of who we are as human beings.  It’s about our inner flameand the things we do to keep it alive at all costs, even when all the odds seem to be stacked against us.  It’s about coming home to ourselves, weathered and fractured, but resolved to reclaim our identity.  And it’s ab

50 min
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Damian White & Francesco Orazzini 17 Feb 2023 • EN

Making Peace With The Old Me

Welcome to I Made A Place For You. Francesco Orazzini, a talented Italian visual artist and illustrator, breaks the ice on the debut episode of the show. We talk about what it means to be a working artist, how to stay inspired, and dive into what it means to make peace with the old version of yourself in order to make

18 min
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