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Start At The Beginning Of The Story But Stay For The End. w/ Author and Poet Damian White

30 Apr 2023 • 75 min • EN
75 min
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How to focus your creativity regardless of your circumstances. If you haven’t read “I Made A Place For You”, by Damian White you are missing you on a creative, spiritual, emotional, visceral journey. Damian uses illustrations and poetry to tap into the human experience and it is fascinating. Hence why Damian’s time on the podcast was full of storytelling, poetry reading and introspection. Damian is a writer from Columbus Ohio, and his debut collection of poetry, ”I Made A Place”, For You, propels our Creators Series forward with a strong perspective. ​After battling two bouts of homelessness, he channeled those experiences into poetry as a way to heal a fractured identity.​ In this episode, we discuss how he remained  motivated while experiencing homelessness and a crisis of faith and mental wellness. We talk about Damian’s perspective on his personal growth and success as a creator. Finally, we highlight passages from his book and have an awesome time. This is an episode to check out.  Quote of the Episode:  “I want to make sure I am filling my day with things that I enjoy doing. When I get off of work and come home, I want to write a song, write a poem or draw or doodle, those are things I look forward to. I want to wake up and do those things.” Damian White on creating a routine of your creativity.  Topics Covered: - Tapping Into Your Creativity  - Balancing Life and Art  - Understanding The Creative Process - Mindset and Discipline - Overcoming Life Challenges With Creativity Guest: Damian White Instagram: @damiankwhite TikTok: @damiankwhite Website: Email: Damian’s Top Picks: referenced in podcast: - Guest watch/read/listen recommendation: The Cheat Code - - Guest secret watch/read/listen: Battle Rap - Host: Deeon Brown Website: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Man Versus Brand: Website: Instagram:

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