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This episode of Finding Mastery features the one and only, Apolo Ohno. A 2019 inductee into the Olympic Hall of Fame, Apolo still holds the title for most decorated American at the Winter Olympics with 8 medals as a short track speed skater. However, after hanging up his skates in 2010, Apolo found himself struggling w

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Mike Saunders & Rick Elmore 29 May 2023 • EN

Interview with Rick Elmore, Founder and CEO of Simply Noted

Rick Elmore is an entrepreneur, sales, and marketing expert, and former college and professional football player. Following his football career, Rick translated his competitive drive to sales and entrepreneurship by founding Simply Noted, an automated handwritten letter company founded on the idea of making it easy to

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Charlie Berens & Hannah Berner 31 May 2023 • EN

Episode 155 - Hannah Berner

Having dated not just one, but two Bucky Badgers during her time at UW-Madison, Hannah Berner begrudgingly identifies herself as a furry chaser on this episode of the Cripescast. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, she talks about the culture shock she experienced when coming to Wisconsin, including being introduced

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Zibby Owens & Andre Agassi 28 May 2023 • EN

Andre Agassi, OPEN: An Autobiography

Far more than a superb memoir about the highest levels of professional tennis, Open is the engrossing story of a remarkable life. Zibby: "I am beyond excited to be talking to Andre Agassi today. Andre Agassi really needs no introduction. As a refresher, Andre used to be ranked number one in the world in tennis and won

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Our special guest in this episode is Rick Elmore, who shares his incredible journey of going from scratch to success. Rick started out as an athlete and medical device salesperson with no business experience, but he was determined to make it work and develop a winning strategy. With hard work, grit, discipline and pass

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Rick Elmore reveals his secrets to creating a strong and successful business team. He explains that flexibility is key. Asking questions, showing interest in others' jobs, and having empathy are also important values he emphasizes for effective entrepreneurship. He shares his experience in sales and sports and how it i

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