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Sara Troy was born with an incredibly special gift. From an early age, Sara could see the possibilities in others. Throughout her life, she has served both professionally and as a humanitarian in assisting others to live more purposeful, meaningful, and productive lives. When we connect through the soul to an open heart and an ignited spirit, we allow the mind to see in a way that is truly illuminating. With her Podcast site Self Discovery Wisdom and her community site Orchard of Wisdom, Sara supports those who are making a positive difference in the lives of others through her podcasts and Collab-books and with her Mentors/Practitioners Fund-Action programs, where she shares the Mentors and Supports who are serving humanity. With the Orchards of Wisdom collaborative Podcast-Books, Mentor programs, and more to come, Sara wishes to ignite our inner souls, open our hearts, uplift our spirits, and allow an expansion of our minds to view life’s wisdom differently. To find out how to be a guest and become a Mentor, please email Sara at

Sara Troy's Interviews

Sara Troy & Laura Davis 24 Jul 2023 • EN

BB23-30. Laura Davis, Earn Save Spend

Laura Davis is a fee-only, certified financial planner. Her new book, was inspired by her years of working with clients to help them gain clarity and confidence around their money. Fiduciary financial advice is usually reserved for the very wealthy, and Laura wanted to write a book that would help middle income America

99 min
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Sara Troy & Patricia Brendel 24 Jul 2023 • EN

IG23-30. Patricia Brendel’s Faith after Childs Death

Tricia talks about finding faith and life purpose amidst loss and tragedy. When her young daughter Elly died from Pearson syndrome, an extremely rare and incurable disease (just a handful of people in the world develop this), Tricia found faith and a commitment to helping others by becoming a Registered Nurse. It is he

62 min
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Sara Troy & Joseph M Lenard 10 Jan 2023 • EN

MH23.02. Suicide attempt survivor, Joseph M. Lenard.

I am a Suicide attempt survivor (and the SELF DISCOVERY it led to) and my TS book has a major Suicide prevention sub-thread through it to try and aid others with Depression… Joseph M. Lenard (aka: JLenardDetroit) Author, blogger, cancer survivor, former IT professional, podcaster, political activist, speaker, spokesper

119 min
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Sara Troy & Jeanine Thompson 13 Dec 2022 • EN

IG22-51. Jeanine Thompson, The Great Search…

Are you searching for that elusive something missing? Do you feel an urgency that time is clicking by too fast, and if you don’t crack the code on your life, you’ll have regrets? Are parts of your life thriving less than you sense is possible, completely off course, or turned upside down? Do the local and global unfold

81 min
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Sara Troy & Janet Sanders 08 Nov 2022 • EN

TSM22-46. Janet Sanders, is it SAFE in Mexico?

Is it safe for Americans to move to Mexico or even vacation there? "The answer is “Absolutely not,” says Janet Sanders, a successful, retired American businesswoman who moved to Yucatan in 2016 with her husband, Joe. On October 9, 2021, and again on January 19, 2022, the couple was attacked and terrorized at their home

100 min
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Sara Troy & Derrick Kinney 10 Oct 2022 • EN

BB22-42. Derrick Kinney, Good Money Revolution

WE TALK TO A WALL STREET JOURNAL and USA TODAY NATIONAL BESTSELLER! Good Money Revolution: How to Make More Money to Do More Good By  Derrick Kinney In Good Money Revolution, you'll learn to make more money, live the life you deserve, and change the world, too. Derrick Kinney is the fresh financial voice to guide you t

71 min
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