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In this captivating episode of The Life Shift Podcast, Tony Martignetti shares his inspiring journey of overcoming challenges and finding purpose. As a trusted advisor, leadership coach, facilitator, and best-selling author, Tony brings over 25 years of business and leadership experience to the table. Tony's story begi

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Matt Gilhooly 11 Sep 2023 • EN

Matt Gilhooly & the Shifts of Our Lives

A Fresh Story, season 3, episode 10 How does major trauma in our childhood change the course of our life? We chatted with friend of the podcast, Matt Gilhooly about his major life shifts, including losing his mother in a tragedy at a young age. Matt has since turned his grief into the award-winning podcast The Life Shi

63 min
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Michelle Glogovac, a podcasting expert, award-winning publicist, and author of Podcast Guesting Made Simple, shares her experience of a life-changing medical emergency that occurred only a week after her 41st birthday. "Well, the ER doctor said to me she goes, "if you had waited until that Friday to see your regular do

54 min
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Michelle Glogovac & Matt Gilhooly 20 Jun 2023 • EN

The Life Shift with Matt Gilhooly

This week we are so fortunate to have Matt Gilhooly on the show. Matt is a fellow podcaster who created the powerful, motivating, and incredibly moving podcast, The Life Shift. The show features candid, real and free-flowing conversations that Matt has with his guests around pivotal moments in their life that changed e

41 min
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In this episode, Ryan Berman shares his inspirational journey of self-discovery through writing a book and pursuing courageous ideas in business. “Like when you first tiptoe into that world, you have your own idea of what, like a powerful entrepreneur is gonna be like until you know, something about the word COURAGE re

58 min
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Brian Acord shares a powerful and emotional journey of leaving a high-demand religion. Growing up in Utah, surrounded by Mormons, Brian's life was deeply intertwined with the church. Everyone he knew was a church member, and he felt pressured to conform to its teachings. Brian shares his story of deepening his involvem

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