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Minter Dial is an international professional speaker, elevator and a multiple award-winning author. Minter's core career stint of 16 years was spent as a top executive at L’Oréal, where he was a member of the worldwide Executive Committee for the Professional Products Division. In this position, he was in charge of Digital, Communications, Education, the Eco-Salon and Business Development. Previously, he was MD of L'Oréal PPD Canada and MD Worldwide for Redken, which he ran for 4 years through 9/11 and a full revamping of the brand's look and main product lines. He's the author of one biography and three business books, Futureproof (2017), Heartificial Empathy (2019) and his latest book on leadership, You Lead, How Being Yourself Makes You A Better Leader (Kogan Page 2021).

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Mark Cox & Minter Dial 02 Apr 2024 • EN

Understanding Heartificial Empathy With Minter Dial

Many businesses employ cutting-edge technology to hit their biggest goals. However, one important factor in achieving business success is often neglected – empathy. In this conversation, Mark Cox sits down with Minter Dial to discuss how empathy is the key competitive advantage in the 21st-century marketplace. Minter b

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Minter Dial 16 Jan 2024 • EN

Minter Dial: How to Embed More Heart into AI

How will AI transform leadership and work? Can we "delegate empathy" to it? Can we have empathic AI that fills a need we all have as humans? Today, I discuss all of this and the role of empathy in AI with my special return guest Minter Dial author of Heartificial Empathy, Putting Heart into Business and Artificial Inte

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The post Minter Dial on organizational empathy, augmenting with AI, empathic curiosity, and connecting to reality (AC Ep16) appeared first on amplifyingcognition.

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Get ready for a fascinating conversation on artificial empathy and putting more heart into business and AI. In this Partnering Leadership conversation, Minter Dial, award-winning author and renowned international keynote speaker, shares insights from the significantly expanded and modified edition of his award-winning

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Minter Dial & Josh Bernoff 10 Sep 2023 • EN

Build a Better Business Book with bestselling author Josh Bernoff

Minter Dialogue with Josh Bernoff Josh Bernoff is the author, coauthor, editor or ghostwriter of eight business books. He's published "Writing Without Bullshit" which Toronto's Globe and Mail called, "a Strunk and White for the modern knowledge worker." He was the coauthor with Charlene Li of "Groundswell" which was a

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