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Frank Edward Nora & James O'Brien 05 Feb 2023 • EN

PriorCaster – James O’Brien (1/27/23)

1:40:09 – PriorCaster, by Bob LeMent of Static Radio and Morning Commute, seeks to document the people who were the pioneers of audio on the internet. James O’Brien has worn many hats, but I think his best one is independent media producer.  He embodies the passion and drive that anyone who wants to produce their […]

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Frank Edward Nora & Bob LeMent 07 Nov 2022 • EN

The Exit Ramp #39 – Masquerade Habitat (11/6/22)

3:48:37 – Welcome, hosts and listeners of The Onsug radio universe, to come and join a freeform chat in video, which will be released in audio. The Exit Ramp continues for another amazing group show! Host Frank from The Overnightscape is joined by Bob LeMent from Morning Commute, PQ from Quaquaversal Satellite and Over

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Bob LeMent & Frank Edward Nora 24 Oct 2021 • EN

PriorCaster - Frank Edward Nora

the Host Frank Edward Nora  Our first PriorCaster is Frank Edward Nora.  I have been in contact with Frank for over 20 years.  He has been creating audio since a child and took to the new world of digital audio as Read More The post Frank Edward Nora first appeared on PriorCaster.

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Mark Fonseca Rendeiro & Frank Edward Nora 21 Oct 2013 • EN

Frank Edward Nora: The Audio Curator

Frank Edward Nora believes, as that now cliché Chinese proverb says, we actually do live in very interesting times. Part of his love and dedication to creating original audio content and preserving bits of audio from the past is because of his interest in what will be available for future generations. For over ten year

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