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Ben Austin & Bob LeMent 02 Jul 2023 • EN

Episode 137: What's New in Ufology with Bob LeMent

In this episode, Bob LeMent from Static Radio and Ben discuss the barrage of news and false flags flooding the media. Static Radio has been on the air since 1999 and is all about the strange and humorous happenings in the lives of two US Midwesterners, Bob and Miles. Static Radio on Youtube:

130 min
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Ben Austin & Bob LeMent 26 Mar 2023 • EN

Episode 121: Listening to Static with Bob LeMent

Bob LeMent is the co-host of Static Radio, the longest running weekly audio program on the internet since November of 1998. Thanks to the TIN FOIL MULISHA: Casey Armadillo Michael Ralstin Rheanna Little Erin Rice Jessye Je

155 min
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