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Do you want to strengthen your personal and professional relationships by enhancing communication and building deeper connections? Are you searching for a solution to achieve this desired outcome? Look no further! Our guest, Cathy Nesbitt, will be sharing the power of laughter as a solution to help you achieve this res

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Our guest today is Jordan Wilson, an extraordinary individual who has made significant strides in integrating artificial intelligence into storytelling and journalism. Jordan's professional story began in journalism, where he honed his storytelling skills. He took a detour into the world of technology, starting a digit

28 min
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Does this sound familiar? You eagerly engage in conversations, armed with witty anecdotes and captivating stories, hoping to forge meaningful connections. Yet, despite your efforts, you often find yourself left with empty laughter and superficial small talk. The ineffective advice you've been given is to simply be more

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Doug Thompson & Mckenna Sweazey 21 Sep 2022 • EN

McKenna Sweazey

In this Episode I interview McKenna Sweazey who is on a mission to make remote work actually work.  Pre-pandemic the physical workplace was challenging but at least you could see people and get a feel for their state of mind.   When COVID hit and everyone had to work remotely managers lost that ability to and as a resu

36 min
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Doug Thompson & Deborah LeBlanc 21 Sep 2022 • EN

Deborah LeBlanc

Deborah always knew thought she would be a nun.  While not officially becoming a nun she has helped and continues to help people.  After listening to this podcast, I think you'll agree she impacted the world in much the same way as a nun.   Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, the heart of Cajun country, Deborah LeBlanc

39 min
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Doug Thompson & Timothy Douglas 15 Jun 2022 • EN

Timothy Douglas

Timothy Douglas, a chess-playing real estate investor, joins Doug to talk about what it was like quitting football after struggling with depression in high school. Timothy also shares how he started his podcast, "Living The Dream", as a way to connect with people and help them achieve their goals. https://www.spreaker.

30 min
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