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Laura Eigel & Mckenna Sweazey 23 Nov 2022 • EN

Leading with Digital Empathy with McKenna Sweazey

Digital communication has become an integral part of the modern workplace, and as a result, the use of online communication tools and platforms have become the bread and butter of our work.  To dive deeper into the rise of digital communication, today Laura welcomes digital empathy expert McKenna Sweazey. Join them as

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Jeremy Goldman & Mckenna Sweazey 11 Nov 2022 • EN

The Potential of Web3 Marketing (ft. McKenna Sweazey)

McKenna Sweazey is an experienced global marketer and Web3 expert, having worked for brands such as YSL, Google, and the Financial Times. Her focus is taking marketing best practices and applying them to Web3 opportunities for brands.  She runs metaXmoda, a marketing consultancy that helps brands develop their plans an

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Doug Thompson & Mckenna Sweazey 21 Sep 2022 • EN

McKenna Sweazey

In this Episode I interview McKenna Sweazey who is on a mission to make remote work actually work.  Pre-pandemic the physical workplace was challenging but at least you could see people and get a feel for their state of mind.   When COVID hit and everyone had to work remotely managers lost that ability to and as a resu

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Melanie Parish & Mckenna Sweazey 13 May 2022 • EN

Helping People Harness Digital Empathy at Work with Mckenna Sweazey

It was fun to be here with Mckenna Sweazey.  And I love this idea of, if you're having a bad day, go ahead and let people know it's a different kind of feedback loop, which I talked about in the experimental leader book.  But I love the idea that if we wonder what people think we're thinking, we just tell them. Let peo

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