Melanie Parish & Mckenna Sweazey , The Experimental Leader

Helping People Harness Digital Empathy at Work with Mckenna Sweazey

13 May 2022 • 29 min • EN
29 min
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It was fun to be here with Mckenna Sweazey.  And I love this idea of, if you're having a bad day, go ahead and let people know it's a different kind of feedback loop, which I talked about in the experimental leader book.  But I love the idea that if we wonder what people think we're thinking, we just tell them. Let people know how we're feeling, and what we're experiencing so that we increase their knowledge of what's going on. We decrease the chaos a little bit in those interpersonal relationships, especially in an online environment because the online environment increases chaos and increases the not knowing. And it allows us to have empathy for each other. It allows us to have a better sense of reality so that we don't make things up. The absence of knowledge has people make up what they think is happening, and often, we're just wrong. So knowing and having a story to start with that is, at least based on some facts is very helpful. I challenge you to think about where you can up your empathy, either at home or at work this week. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How » Join The Experimental Leader community today:melanieparish.comYouTube

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