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Mel Robbins & Adam Alter 13 May 2024 • EN

6 Simple Science-Backed Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better

In today’s episode, you’ll learn 6 simple mind and body hacks that play a huge role in your success, happiness, and health.  One of the top psychology experts and professors in the world, Dr. Adam Alter, is here to reveal the simple things in your day to day life that influence how you think, feel, and behave.  Dr. Alt

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In this episode of The Brainy Business podcast, you will hear Melina Palmer interview Adam Alter, author of the book Anatomy of a Breakthrough. Adam shares his personal experience of feeling stuck during his early college days, which led him to research and develop strategies for getting unstuck. The conversation cover

48 min
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In this episode we discuss the danger of getting addicted to your screens. We look at how technology is designed to be as addictive as possible, and how those addictions specifically make you spend more time on things like social media and news that make you less happy. We discuss how screens rob us of time and attenti

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Amantha Imber & Adam Alter 18 Oct 2023 • EN

Why Adam Alter’s to-do list system is so simple

Adam Alter might just have the simplest productivity system of anyone I’ve interviewed. He uses a to-do list app, but it’s barely more advanced than a piece of paper. He values deep work, but he doesn’t build his life around it. So if he’s supposedly doing so little, how’s he getting so much done?  And trust me, he’s g

28 min
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AJ Harbinger + Johnny Dzubak & Adam Alter 18 Sep 2023 • EN

Breakthrough Mediocrity To Greatness With These 4 Strategies | Adam Alter

In today’s episode, we cover getting unstuck with Adam Alter. Adam is a renowned academic and speaker known for his work in marketing and psychology, the New York Times bestselling author of Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked and Drunk Tank Pink: And Other Unexpected Fo

62 min
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Eric Zimmer & Adam Alter 18 Aug 2023 • EN

How to Get Unstuck with Adam Alter

In this episode, Adam Alter shares valuable strategies for learning how to become unstuck and break through common barriers in life. He emphasizes the importance of seeking new perspectives and thinking differently to break through mental and emotional blocks. He also highlights the connection between physical movement

63 min
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